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Intercom System

Intercom System

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Singapore Top Body Worn Camera Brand

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Body Worn Cameras for Security Officers – WIFI/4G Live Streaming, World’s Smallest, Light Weight Camera, Night Vision, Wide Angle View AES256 Encryption

The use of body-worn cameras is rapidly increasing, mainly used for prevention of conflict between police officers and citizens. Body camera technology allows for clarification of the actions of police officers which improves the safety of the policemen and citizens, while encouraging proper protocol as well.

Body-worn cameras enable police officers to search in a more objective, accountable and transparent manner, thereby improving the effectiveness of law enforcement.

The Straits Times - Live Streaming Body Camera for Safety (Feb 8 2021) - Large

4G Live Stream Camera

Body Worn Camera – Law Enforcement

Head-Set Camera – Operation Support

Mini Light-Weight Camera – Dispute Management


Docking Station System

Sample Body Camera – SOP Standard operating procedure


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Government Agencies

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Security Firms

Constructions / Facilities Management / Property – Real Estate


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Singapore Spy Hidden Camera GPS Tracker Bug Detector / Scanner

Singapore Buy Spy Hidden Camera Scanner / Bug Detector

Hidden Spy Camera Bug Detector | Indoor / Outdoor SPY Detector | Portable Spy Camera : Protect your privacy from spy hidden camera. Traveling, Car, Hotel, Home, Office. Top Singapore

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GPS Trackers for Pets (Dog/Cats)

GPS Trackers for Pets (Dog/Cats)

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GPS Trackers for Car / Vehicle / Motorcycle

GPS Trackers for Car / Vehicle / Motorcycle

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4G / LTE GPS Tracker for Elderly / Sensors – Dementia Patients (No Monthly Fee)

4G / LTE GPS Tracker for Elderly / Sensors – Dementia Patients (No Monthly Fee) 

Senior Medical Alert Device – Dementia Home alone fall & motionless alert & SOS Call. No Monthly Fee. Support 4G / LTE GPS Singapore Map. Great device for Monitor memory impaired Alzheimer’s / Dementia patients who live alone.

4G / LTE GPS Tracker Keychain, GPS Tracker Bracelet, GPS Tracker Watch, GPS Tracker Wristband, GPS Tracker SOS Button

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GPS Trackers for Kids & Child with Autism

GPS Trackers for Kids & Child with Autism

GPS Trackers for Kids & Child with Autism

Tag: kids with autism, special needs child, gps tracker for kids, gps tracking device, kids tracker, tracking device for kids, child tracker

Children with Autism and other special needs can be non-verbal and may have a hard time interacting with people. OMG GPS Tracker is a monitoring solution designed for autism parents. When a child with Autism wanders off, the parent can just look up the location on the App downloaded on the Smartphone. There is no need to start calling the police or neighbours trying to locate the missing child.

With the help of GPS technology these watches are able to tell the location of the child with an amazing degree of accuracy. Using the App on your Smartphone, simply pull out the map and you will be able to see the exact location of the child.

The watches can also receive  voice messages, which means that a parents can record a voice message and calmly ask the autistic child to come back home.

The device also acts as a mobile phone, allowing you to call the child and slowly discern where he or she is.

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Motion Sensor Alarm

Fall Prevention Motion Sensor Alarm

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Handicap / Elderly Toilet Panic Button Alarm System

Wireless / Cable  – Pull Cord / String Disable Handicap Elderly Toilet Alarm


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Fall Prevention Alarm System

Fall Prevention System -Sensor Bed / Chair / Floor mat Pad Alarm, Motion Sensor Alarm

Alzheimer’s, dementia Products for Comfort & Safety

Alzheimer’s, dementia and other conditions that cause memory loss are life-changers – both for those living with the condition and for those that become the caregiver. Confusion, isolation, loss of a sense of security and irritability can greatly reduce quality of life for families and care professionals.

OMG Solutions offer a wide range of hand-selected Alzheimer’s products to ease a person’s discomfort and help them live in a safer home environment with a sense of independence. Whether caring for an Alzheimer’s patient in a professional capacity or caring for a loved-one at home, The Alzheimer’s Store can help you find the right product to make life easier, safer and more engaging!

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