BWC111 – OMG Affordable Removable Battery Body Worn Camera

BWC111 – OMG Removable Battery Body CameraMain feature

● 1296p/30fps full HD video camera, which can be expanded to 720p/60fps-the motion picture is smoother;
● Photographed with 36 million pixels;
● Support super large capacity: maximum support 256GB;
● 140°wide-angle lens, no more on-site details will be missed;
● Dual filter switch: no color cast during the day and clearer at night;
● Super night vision function: the outline of the human body can be seen clearly at 10 meters in total darkness;
● Strobe warning light: the warning effect is more obvious and direct;
● Character superposition function: All videos and photos are attached with time, product number, user number and other information,
Unable to edit, it has the effect of legal evidence;
● Long file name: The file name of all video files includes product number, time, user number, etc.
Information, convenient for data archiving and retrieval;
● Strong waterproof function, normal use under heavy rain and heavy rain;
● Built-in high-quality OSRAM low-power infrared LED, can be used continuously for a long time, far and near angle design: guaranteed
Prove the perspective and ensure the distance;
● It has the three functions of camera, photo and audio recording;
● Automatically split and save the video data: prevent data loss caused by mis-operation;
● 2-inch LCD screen, wider viewing angle, more detailed playback;
● Replaceable battery design, super long and durable;
● The easy-to-use base simplifies the operation of police officers. After being inserted into the base, it will automatically turn on, import and charge;
● Industrial grade plastic and structural design, the bare machine can withstand a free drop of 2.5 meters, and the body and data will not be damaged;


Display 2.0 inch full HD LCD display
Camera F 2.0 aperture, high resolution multilayer filter wide angle lens
Video frame Rate 30 frames/sec 60 frames/sec
Video Compression Format H.264
Video Resolution 2304×1296 p30, 1920×1080 P30, 1280×720 P60, P30 1280×720
Photo Format JPEG
Photo Pixels 36M (8000*4500)、24M (6528*36 72), 16M (5376*3024) 12M (4608*2592)
Storage Capacity support 16GB, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, 256GB
Dimensions About 56 MMx77MMX32MM
Weight 125g + 15g (Host+ back clip)
Battery Capacity 1500MAH 1 x replaceable batteries
Continuous Power Supply Time A single battery greater than 8 H
Full Charge Time ≤4 H
Auxiliary light Source Infrared lights, bright white lights, flash alarm lights
Night Vision Distance 10 m
Working Ambient Temperature -10~+45°C (ambient  temperature can not exceed  45°C in case of filling and recording)
Working Relative Humidity ≤93%
Storage temperature -40~60°C
Protection level IP 66
Drop Resistance 2.5m
Messenger Function Compatible with analog digital walkie-talkies (optional features to be customized)
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