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In Asia, the area where police officers wear body cameras is rapidly increasing to reduce violence between police officers and citizens. It is widely believed that the spread of body camera technology will clarify the responsibility of police officers, thereby improving citizen safety.

The Police believe that the body-worn camera can enhance the police officers’ ability to search and enhance the transparency and accountability of police operations. Some people think that the body-worn camera can enable police officers to search in a more objective, accountable and transparent manner, thereby improving the effectiveness of law enforcement. However, some Members are concerned that since police officers can decide “whether or not to record and when to start recording” and the police officers themselves are not recorded, the body-worn camera may not be able to present the incident comprehensively and fairly.

OMG Integrated Live Stream Video Monitoring System 2.0

OMG Live Streaming Video Monitoring System 2.0.1 1280x


  • Support Remote GPS Location Tracking
  • Remote Live Stream Video
  • Remote 2 Way Communication
  • Remote SOS Alert



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