BWC075 – OMG World Smallest Mini Police Body Worn Camera


Police body camera often utilized by law enforcement to record their interactions with the public or gather video evidence at crime scenes.

Nowadays it’s also widely used in military, public service and citizen surveillance.

BWC075 Body Worn Camera is the latest product developed by OMG Solutions and it’s the WORLD’S SMALLEST POLICE BODY CAMERA so far.

  •  Ultra Small Size 65mm*45mm*28mm
  •  Low Power Comsumption
  •  HEVC/H.265, Compress Video with High Quality and Low Bit Rates
  •  Less Than 2GB Occupied for 1 Hour Recording on 1080P
  •  IP65 Waterproof and 2 Meters Shock-proof
  •  EIS Image Stabilization
  •  Over 8 Hours Continuous Recording on 1080P
  •  Support Ultrahigh Resolution 2560*1440/30P(2K)
  •  Wide Field of View, Capture All Situations


Optical Lens

BWC075 - World Smallest Mini Police Body Worn Camera 05-02

BWC075 - World Smallest Mini Police Body Worn Camera 04

Ultra Mini Size 

BWC075 - World Smallest Mini Police Body Worn Camera 06



Video Size & Bit Rate Comparison of BWC076 Body Worn Camera
Video   Resolution Encoding Format Video Quality (5mins   Each)
Best Fine Normal
Video Size Bit rate Video Size Bit rate Video Size Bit rate
2560*1440  30p H264 580MB 16MB/S 510MB 14MB/S 440MB 12MB/S
H265 300MB 8MB/S 260MB 7MB/S 220MB 6MB/S
2304*1296    30p H264 440MB 12MB/S 370MB 10MB/S 300MB 8MB/S
H265 220MB 6MB/S 190MB 5MB/S 150MB 4MB/S
1920*1080  30p H264 300MB 8MB/S 260MB 7MB/S 220MB 6MB/S
H265 150MB 4MB/S 130MB 3.5MB/S 120MB 3MB/S
1440*1080    30p H264 260MB 7MB/S 220MB 6MB/S 190MB 5MB/S
H265 130MB 3.5MB/S 120MB 3MB/S 100MB 2.5MB/S
1280*720  60p H264 260MB 7MB/S 220MB 6MB/S 190MB 5MB/S
H265 130MB 3.5MB/S 120MB 3MB/S 100MB 2.5MB/S
1280*720    30p H264 220MB 6MB/S 190MB 5MB/S 150MB 4MB/S
H265 120MB 3MB/S 100MB 2.5MB/S 80MB 2MB/S
848*480    30p H264 90MB 3MB/S 80MB 2.5MB/S 80MB 2MB/S
H265 50MB 1.25MB/S 50MB 1.15MB/S 40MB 1MB/S


White Light: Support
Image Sensor:
OV4689-2A 1/3″
CMOS Sensor:
4M pixel
Field Angle: ≥110°
Pixel: Maximum pixel is up to 32M, (5M/8M/10M/12M/16M/21M/32M)
Connect Interface: Micro USB 2.0 port Bottom extended port (optional)
Language: Chinese/English/(OEM)
Video Resolution: Multiple Recording Resolution, 2560×1440/30P, 2304×1296/30P, 1920×1080/30P, 1280×720/30P, 848×480/30P
Screen Protect: 30 seconds/1 min/3 mins/5 mins
Video format/encoding: MP4 H.264/H.265
Keytone: Support
Fast forward: 2X,4X,8X
LCD Screen: 1.54 inch TFT-LCD High resolution color screen
REW: 2X,4X,8X
Playback: Support
Video coding bit rate: 2.5-10Mbps
Video Transmission: USB2.0
Audio Format: AAC
Unique ID number: Include 7 digit device ID and 6 digit police ID and date
Burst Shooting: Support
Photo Format: JPG
Snap Shot: Capture Photos During Video Recording
Storage Capacity: 
  • 32GB: Save the video files of more than 16 hours’ recording,
  • 64GB: Save the video files of more than 32 hours’ recording.
  • 128GB: Save the video files of more than 64 hours’ recording.
Storage Level: Visual   indicator with audio alarm
Indicator Light: Standby mode, Charging, Recording
Type: Built-in 2500mAh Li-ion battery
Charging time: Less than 240 mins
Recording Time: 10 hours at 1080P
Battery Level: Visual indicator with voice alert
Boot-up time: Less than 3-5s
Recording Function
One-Click Record: Support  one-click to start videoing even camera is off.
Pre-record function: Support ≥5 seconds Pre-record
Post-record function: ≥30mins post-record in each resolution
Video Quality: Super Fine/Fine/Normal
Infrared: Automatically / Manually(4  bright infrared lights)
Night Vision: 10 meters
Activation prompt: Audible, Visual and Tactile Vibration Confirm Activation of Record and Stop
Split Time: 1 min/3 mins/5 mins/10 mins/15 mins/30 mins
Burst Shot: 2/3/5/10/20
Password protection: User can view the files only but cannot delete them, only administrator can manage them with right password
Dimension: 65mmx45mmx28mm
Weight: 95g
Working Temperature: -20~55℃
Storage temperature: -40~80℃
Waterproof: IP67
Clip: High quality, support 360° rotation
Standard packing: Charger/USB Cable/Long Clip/User Manual/ CD
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