BWC065 – Helmet Camera 4G WIFI Camera Head Safety Camera

About The Product:

  • 4G Helmet Camera HD Live Video: Real-time live broadcast of HD video on site through T8, support multi-level dispatching station and other mobile terminals to view the live video, and establish multi-party conference calls for discussion and release commands
  • 4G Helmet Camera HD Video Real-time Transmission: i) Visual Command and Dispatch: HD Video Real-time 2-way Voice; Head-Mounted Individual Video Live Broadcast, Multi-person 2-way Voice Discussion; Video Distributing, Local Storage and Video Real-time Return. ii) Video Distributing Storage: Video Real-time Upload and Distribution, All the Way back to the Server, All the way 4G Helmet Camera Local Storage
  • HD Shooting Transmission Cloud Storage: On-Site Shooting and Transmission Management -Worker Take Picture (or Video) on the spot and Upload Them to the Cloud Storage. The Command Center Receives Prompts in Time and Can Check Them Immediately.
  • SOS One-Button Alarm: When an emergency occurs, click the SOS button on the helmet camera to report your real-time video and location to the command center and sound the siren. The command center dispatcher will immediately see the video of the law enforcement officer and its exact location. Other mobile Application in the same group will also receive the alarm information of the personnel in real time, and can know the GIS location of the team member in real time, and go to the scene for rescue support according to the map navigation.
  • Flat Command and Dispatch Based on GIS: Member Location, real-time Rendering Historical Track, online Query One Button Circle Selection, Quick Command.
  • IP66 Protection Level
  • Group Talk: Users can Initiate or Receive Voice Intercoms as long as they are within the coverage of 4G or WiFi Network, regardless of Geographical Restrictions; Support Fixed Group talk, Temporary Group talk and Narrow Broadband talk.


Operation System : Android

Video/Audio :
Video Compression : H.264
Video Format: MP4
Audio Compression: G711
Audio Input/output: Support

Code compression :
Video Resolution: 1080P/720P/VGA
Video Frame Rate: 1080p@25fps/720p@25fps
Video bit Rate: Can be set
Location : Built-in GPS or Beidou

Storage : 
Type: microSD(TF)card
Maximum Capacity: 64GB /128GB

Wireless Connection: 

Wi-Fi: Support 802.11b/g protocol, 2.4GHz
Wi-Fi Encryption: WPA, WPA2, WEP Encryption protocol

Fill Light :
Professional 2pcs 2W white light, with far and near light lighting 20 meters outline clear, 30 meters human clear

Other Parameters : 
LED Indicator: High brightness LED
Laser light positioning: Support laser beam to assist in shooting positioning
Protection: IP66 protection level
Log function: Support
Working Temperature: -20℃~+60℃
Working Humidity: 40%–90%
Battery: External detachable polymer lithium battery, single battery capacity 6000 mAh
Continuous Working Time: More Than 8 hours

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