BWA011-DS023-LT-10PD – Touch Screen 10 Port Docking Digital Evidence Management System

Digital Evidence Management System Software









Visual Download Status: Docking Station displays data download status, number of files downloaded, and estimated download time from each connected body worn camera.
Camera Data Purge: Docking Station automatically purges all recorded data from connected BWC after all data has been downloaded from the device.
Resume Download: If download from BWC to docking station is interrupted, the docking station will resume download from where it last left off when the camera is reconnected.
Portal: The system is using Browser/Server architecture to meet unique agencies’ needs. All downloaded data is accessed 
from docking station or a local area network PC by Web Browser.
Users & Groups: Each user is assigned custom permissions to access, view, download, reports, and delete uploaded data.
Case Information: Authorized personnel may add important case details, attach additional documents and other files pertaining to the case with recorded data.
Custom Incident Categories: Custom Incident Categories are added to the system to meet agencies’ unique laws and policies.
Video Tagging: Downloaded data can be tagged.
Locked Data: Downloaded sensitive data may be locked to keep unauthorized users’ from access, data owner is also included.
Protected Data: Important data may be protected from automatic or manual deletion.
Advanced Search: Easily locate desired recorded data using a single or multitude search parameters.
Statistical Reports: Authorized users may retrieve statistical incident data repot for specified date range.
Complete Audit Trail: Track each action performed by officers and users either at docking station or through Web Portal.
Data Backup: Downloaded data may be backed up to specified file servers via network (NAS). Admin may create custom policies for the system to only backup important data to NAS or most storage servers.
Real-Time System Monitoring: Docking Station’s status information including internal storage status, disk status, online status, and data health is monitored in real-time.
Time Synchronization: Docking Station automatically updates Body Worn Camera’s time when devices is connected.
Scalable Local Storage: Easily manage and store data locally & eliminate monthly storage fees. System’s storage may be expanded internally and externally.


System Software  Operating System   Win 10
 Acquisition Software   Mobile Law Enforcement Electronic Evidence Management System
Hardware Configuration  Display Components   10.1-inch LCD, physical resolution 1280 x 800
 Touch Components   Multi-point capacitive touch screen
 Main Chipset   Dual-core CPU Intel chipset with the option of other Intel Family processors
 Memory Capacity   4G DDR 1600/1333/1066 MHz (optional 8 to 16G).
 System Hard Drive   60G SSD
 Storage Capacity   Optional 1T,2,4T,8T,12T,16T storage capacity.
 Acquisition Interface   Mini/Micro/type C-USB comes standard with 8 (optional 10)
Apply Features  Acquisition Management    Recorder registration binding management
  Supports intermittent transmission of the acquisition process
  The acquisition progress and charging status are displayed dynamically
  The acquisition device corresponds to the screen display position one by one
  The number of devices collected automatically and simultaneously can be customized
  Certification rules that comply with public safety industry standard interfaces
 Data Processing   Video file has no compressed original picture quality
  Automatic classification (depending on file type, resolution or date)
  Automatic upload to the specified server
  Upload policy configurable (time period, destination address, file type, network bandwidth, etc.)
  When the recorder is automatically checked, the acquisition completion status is automatically verified and the data is automatically emptied
 Storage Management   Storage policy management (storage path, storage file type, compression method, etc.)
  Storage space management (clean-up, early warning, expansion, backup, etc.)
  Storage status is displayed
  Database is backed up regularly
  Distributed evidence download, view
 Data Security   Unauthorized users do not have data operation rights
 Data Synchronization   Two-way database synchronization fault + mechanism with active and passive interaction with the management platform
 Rights Management   Unlimited hierarchical permissions are recursively managed
 Internal Communication    Inline web instant messaging tools
 Evidence Research   Important evidence is passed on to share the judgment
 Job Assessment   Personnel assessment, unit assessment
 Site Management   Multi-level workstation site management
 Log Management   Action logging
The Host Interface  Switch Machine Keys   Physical keys
 Network Interface   RJ45x1
 Data Interface   USB-A Mother
Physical Properties  Power   ACIN:100 to 240V; 50 to 60Hz over pressurized protection, overselow protection, over-power protection, short-circuit protection
 Power   ≤84W
 Operating Temperature   -20to60 degrees Celsius
 Working Humidity   <90% of the time
 Size   48 x 34 x 10 cm
 Net Weight Of The Product   About 9kg
 Product Is Gross Weight   About 10kg(carton packing).
Quality Assurance  Shell Material   All-metal housing, , anti-static, anti-magnetic , anti-strong electric field interference
 Mandatory  Certification   Mandatory certification of electrical products in China(3C).
 Environmental Standards    All components and packaging accessories comply with international environmental standards


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