Handicap / Elderly Toilet Panic Button Alarm System

A toilet panic button alarm system is a safety feature that is designed to alert others in the event of an emergency or distress situation while using a toilet. It is often used in public restrooms or places where people may feel vulnerable, such as schools, hospitals, and nursing homes.

The panic button is usually a small, discreet button that is located near the toilet or in a nearby location, such as on the wall or under the sink. When pressed, it sends an alert signal to a central monitoring system or to a designated person, such as a security guard or supervisor. The alarm can be triggered manually by pressing the button, or it can be activated automatically if the user does not exit the toilet within a certain amount of time.

The alarm system may also include additional features, such as a speaker or intercom system that allows the user to communicate with the monitoring station or other individuals nearby. In some cases, the alarm system may also be connected to a security camera or other surveillance equipment to help identify the source of the emergency.

Overall, a toilet panic button alarm system is an important safety feature that can help to protect people and provide a sense of security in potentially vulnerable situations.

Wireless / Cable  – Pull Cord / String Disable Handicap Elderly Toilet Alarm


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