EA010 – Handicap / Elderly Wireless Toilet Emergency Alarm – Call Button & Light System

Handicap Elderly Toilet Emergency Alarm - Call Button n Light System 2

A wireless bathroom call system for elderly & the disabled person to gain help in an emergency in toilet.

The 3 basic components are :
1) A waterproof call button with pull cord reachable from the toilet or floor
2) A waterproof reset button to cancel alarm after rescue
3) A multi-light alarm installed outside the bathroom, provides visual & audible alarm to alert caregivers

Easy Installation

The EA010 Emergency Call Button & Light System includes a wireless nurse-call button with pull-cord, a wireless reset button, and a call alarm with light. Ideal for bathroom and hallway notification systems. All components are easily mounted on most surfaces with no hard wiring required. When call button is pressed or call button pull-cord is pulled, a wireless signal is sent to the Call Light, which alerts audibly and visually. Call Light requires four C batteries, not included.

Key Features: 

General Key Features:

– Completely wireless, easier & quicker to install
– IP 65 Call & Reset buttons, allows to use in shower areas
– Call button comes with pull cord, allow accessibility after a fall
– Distinctive appearance & sound, no confuse with fire alarm
– LED call reassurance indicator
– A visual & sound indicator on the multi-light alarm notifies you when the button(s) is running out of battery
– The assurance LED will blink slowly when the button is in low battery condition
– User programmable, allow central monitoring for many toilets with call buttons, display different number by area
– Fault detect indication when using central monitoring system
– Multiple reset options available


Emergency Call Alarm Unit Key

The Emergency Call Alarm unit located outside above the door is easily seen and heard, with an orange indicator light and a buzzer sound distinct from fire alarms.  The unit clearly indicates where help is required.  If desired, another call alarm unit may be sited remotely.  Best of all, a Central Monitor may be used to monitor many toilets at the same time, from the office or guard room, ensuring that assistance is timely by someone capable of responding professionally to an emergency.  When used with the Central Monitor, the buttons are fully supervised to detect any failure

– Audible & visible alert
– Works with up to 10 components
– No hard wiring
– Ideal for bathroom use
– Battery Life: 24 months battery life
– Batteries not included (3 x C)
– AC adapter available (included)
– Wireless frequencies: 433MHz (CE)
– Range: ~50m (can use with range extender)
– Button waterproof: IP 65 with pull cord
– Size: 3.5″ x 1.5″ x 5″ LxWxH
– Sounder output 100dB (adjustable volume control).
– Built in high intensity LED strobe light.

Waterproof Call Buttons Key

The Ultra thin (18mm) Emergency Call unit fits standard BS back box or is imply screw on the wall and has an orange design, with a cord, 3m in length with plastic handles.
The LED lights when alarm has been activated, providing an indication that assistance is on its way to reassure those in distress.
This unit also has a push button which may be optionally used if installed at a height to be reachable by disabled users.
Emergency call alarm is easily programmed the using a self learn button

– Range: Up to 300 feet
– Can be programmed to work with Economy Central Monitor EA008-CMU
– No hard wiring – Easy Install – Quick install with the two screws provided!
– Ideal for bathroom use
Waterproof – IP65, can be mounted within bathrooms, showers, steam rooms, as well as near jacuzzi and pools.
Pull or Push for assistance – If a resident or loved one is need of help, they can pull the cord or push the button.
– Size: H 85mm x W 85mm x D 10mm
Powered by sealed in Lithium battery with a service life of 5 years
Reassurance LED lights to confirm operation to user Fitted with 3M red pull cord with pull triangles
RF power 4mW max, narrow band digital transmission for maximum range and reliability
Range 75M
100% waterproof making it suitable for bath-side or shower room fixing

Waterproof Reset Buttons Key

The Reset Unit fits standard BS back box and has a green design, with a green button to reset. It may also be used to reset if the emergency pull cord is activated accidentally and is located to be reachable form both a wheelchair and the WC.

Easy to Install – Each item can generally be installed in less than 5 minutes with the included screws. (2 screws per item)
Buttons are waterproof, IP65, so you don’t have to worry about mounting them in wet areas where they are truly needed.
In-expensive – Hardwired systems generally cost as twice as much or more than ours, and then you still have to pay an electrician to install a hard-wired system.
Size: H 85mm x W 85mm x D 10mm
Battery: Powered by sealed in Lithium battery with a service life of five years
Reassurance LED lights to confirm operation to user RF power 4mW max, range 75M

Toilet Emergency Alarm - Call Button & Light System 02
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