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PA013 – Personal Shrill Alarm for Kids Self-Protection


  • 130 dB Safety Emergency Alarm: The Personal Security Alarm is a compact and easy way to keep yourself or your loved ones protected. An alarm emitting 130 decibels of noise can significantly disorient anyone around it, especially when people are not expecting it. Disorienting an attacker with a personal alarm will make them stop and brace themselves from the noise, giving you an opportunity to escape. The noise will also alert other people of your location so you can get help.
  • SAFETY LED LIGHTS: In addition to using when out alone, this emergency alarm comes with LED lights for those not-so-well-lit areas. You can use it to find keys in your handbag or the lock on the front door. LED Light illuminates dark surroundings and reduce your sense of fear. Suitable for night running, walking dog, traveling, hiking, camping and other outdoor activities.
  • EASY TO USE: The Safe Sound Personal Alarm requires no training or skill to operate, and can be used by anyone regardless of age or physical ability. Simply pull the hand strap Pin, and the ear-piercing alarm will activate for up to a hour of continuous sound. If you need to stop the alarm plug the pin back into the Safe Sound Personal alarm. It can be re-used over and over again.
  • COMPACT & PORTABLE DESIGN: The Safe Sound Personal Alarm keychain is small, portable and perfectly designed to clip onto a variety of places, whether on your belt, purses, bags, backpack straps, and any other place you can think of. It is suitable for people at all ages such as elderly persons, late shift workers, security personnel, apartment dwellers, commuters, travelers, students and joggers.
  • PRACTICAL GIFT CHOICE: This safe sound personal alarm comes with 3 pieces and offers multiple color options, so you can share with friends and multiple family members or meet the needs of different preferences. Elegant Packaging, it’s an ideal gift for birthday, thanksgiving day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and other occasions.

PA013 - Personal Shrill Alarm for Kids - Size v4

PA013 - Personal Shrill Alarm for Kids - Pull String - Colors


For Elderly Persons: The Personal Alarm is also an extraordinary tool for elderly or sick individuals afflicted by chronic disease that might need to notify relatives or neighbors in an emergency medical circumstance.

For Kids: Do you want your children to call for help in a dangerous situation? This nice alarm is big enough to make it easy for a kid to pull the pin, apart from being very loud. Your kid will be enjoying merry eyes of the device and they will become friends while you will be sure that your kid is under the protection.

For Women: Be it on an unfrequented street, in a dark car park or near the home, the alarm will always be on guard. If you feel threatened, carry the alarm clutched in the fist and sharply pull the cord as the circumstances require.

For Travelers: The device will also come in handy in a hike where there is a high risk of getting lost in an unfamiliar territory or being left behind the group.


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EA068 – OMG Bedwetting Alarm for Kid / Baby / Child / Elderly

EA068 - Bed Wetting Alarm for Kid - Baby - Child - Elderly

Bedwetting can be frustrating for both you and your child. Multiple bedwetting solutions exist including synthetic medication, expensive Doctor visits and bedwetting alarms.

Other alarms are clunky, frustrating for a child to operate, and scream that your child struggles with wetting the bed. What if there were a bedwetting solution so effective,

it used clinically proven methodology and had over 200,000+ success stories to back it up? Imagine your child’s climbing confidence and fewer interrupted nights.

In 2 p3t (SS23D06G1. 5) three toggle switch control the working state of the product: when the switch to the middle, in the “OFF” state, click on the product according to the system switch on A, the product won’t work. When the toggle switch to the left of the product, click on the products according to the system switch, A buzzer sound, blue lights flashing, with sound but not vibration motor. When touching to product on the right side of the toggle switch, click on the product according to the system switch on A, the product is in A state of namely can voice motor vibration (blue lights will shine equally with sound and motor).

Note: if the charging state, the switch according to the system A cannot work under three toggle switch gear, but under the three toggle switch gear, can charge.

EA068 - Bed Wetting Alarm for Kid Baby Child Elderly - Operating Modes


EA068 - Bed Wetting Alarm for Kid Baby Child Elderly - Features





Appearance: Heart Shape
Power: 600-800mAh / 3.7V Rechargeable
Alarm System: Audio Alarm + Vibration
Fuselage Diameter: 5cm
Signal Transmission Line Length: 95cm
Alarm Volume: 50-82DB
Input Voltage: 5.0V
Maximum Operating Current: 150MA
Build-in Lithium Battery Capacity: 500mAh
Build-in Lithium Battery Voltage: 3.7V
Battery Charging Duration: Approx. 2 Hours

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EA067 – Emergency SOS Call Panic Button with Wifi Camera and Intercom Function

EA067 - Emergency SOS Call Panic Button with Wifi Camera and Intercom Function - Main Page 02


* Wireless Battery Powered Smart Video SOS Call Button
* Low power consumption, 8-10 Month’s battery life (2 × 18650 Batteries)
* HD 720P Video Quality, support night vision, camera view angle covers 166°
* WDR, HLC, BLC, Motion Compensation, Quick Access by Smartphone
* PIR motion sensor with 120° detection angle , accurate motion detection
* Support WiFi, Free P2P cloud service, push alarm to mobile via APP.
* Support 2-way audio communication, answer your door where ever you are.


EA067 - Emergency SOS Call Panic Button with Wifi Camera and Intercom Function - Product Size 02

1. HD1.0MP CMOS image sensor, support take photo and video recording,Real-time recording everything front your door day and night.
2. Supports iPhone/Android mobilephone and tablet PC,when visitors press it,you can real-time video and talk anywhere in the world.
3. After you receive the call from visitor, you could touch”Unlock”button to open the door
4. Human body PIR sensor and motion detection and tamper alarm
5. APP support Iphone &Android,Support Two-way intercom function.
6. WiFi video doorbell connects to network via wireless router or network cable.
7. Low power consumption
8. Power: support battery work but battery not included


Resolution: 1MP 720P
Lens: 3.6mm(M12) F2.0
Feature: Alarm Motion detection, real-time App push notification
IR LED: yes
Intercom: Two-way Intercom
Power Supply: DC 12V
Warranty: 1 Year

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iSAFE Tracker Wristband Beacon Solutions for Geofence People under Coronavirus COVID-19 Quarantine / SHN Cases

iSAFE - Tracker Wristband Beacon for Geofence People under Coronavirus Quarantine SHN Cases

The wristband beacon GPS047D is a new generation beacon with push button for hospital patients, personnel positioning and emergency call. The housing case is injection-molded with medical-grade materials. And thread-fixed structure makes it waterproof grade up to IP66. The wristband can be equipped with an NTAG213 NFC tag. The wristband beacon is loaded with Bluetooth® 5.0 hardware platform based on nrf52 chip. It advertises iBeacon and Eddystone (UID, URL, TLM) simultaneously. The user can configure GPS047D wristband beacon via configuration app as well.

How it works

GPS047D - Tracker Wristband Beacon Solutions for Geofence People under Coronavirus Quarantine Detector for SHN Cases - How it works

GPS047D beacon tags be use for indoor location, map guide, asset namagement, ect. 

Item tracking Indoor positioning Contactless ticket and payment
Staff tracking Robotic navigation Check-in control
Customer tracking Store mapping Location based service
Moveable tools tracking Parking space advisor Location dependent content
Vehicles tracking Seat locator Loss protection
Movement patterns Room navigation Security alerts


Chipset: nrf52, Nordic nRF52
Model Number: GPS047D – Wearable beacon
Waterproof: IP66
Color: White
Battery: CR2032 Coin Battery, 220mAh
Battery lifetime: 10-12 months, with the default settings
Transmission Range: 90M
Support: iOS 7.0+ and Android 4.3+ system;
Antenna: 50ohm
Size: 35.9*11mm
Style: Wristband Beacon

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iFever – Intelligent Armband Thermometer for Kids!

iFever - Intelligent Thermometer - Main

OMG - iFever - Intelligent Thermometer - Concerns

OMG - iFever - Intelligent Thermometer - High Temperature Alert - Bluetooth Real-Time Synchronization (

iFever - Intelligent Thermometer - Continuous recording of body temperature

iFever - Intelligent Thermometer - Precision Measurement, Smart Darw records

iFever - Intelligent Thermometer - Small Equipment, Large Use

iFever - Intelligent Thermometer - Easy to wear one step

iFever - Intelligent Thermometer - Easy to wear one step 02

iFever - Intelligent Thermometer - Easy to wear one step 03

iFever - Intelligent Thermometer - Displays the status of the product use

iFever - Intelligent Thermometer - Comparison Table

iFever - Intelligent Thermometer - Standing on the shoulders of their predecessors


iFever bluetooth intelligent baby thermometer, let you know your baby’s temperature more comprehensive in a day.
Record every moment of the temperature data and the temperature data you measured or in a period of time.
Temperature curve table can provide a reference basis when baby go to hospital.
It uses a high precision temperature sensor, measurement error is less than 0.1 degrees Celsius
when compared with a standard mercury thermometer.

In order to timely sharing data baby, Cloud transport, let loved ones can see baby’s information in a timely manner.
For example, When you take care of the baby, temperature measurement data is processed via wifi cloud,
Relatives can login baby in long distance measurer account to check the data.

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