iSAFE Tracker Wristband Beacon Solutions for Geofence People under Coronavirus COVID-19 Quarantine / SHN Cases

iSAFE - Tracker Wristband Beacon for Geofence People under Coronavirus Quarantine SHN Cases

The wristband beacon GPS047D is a new generation beacon with push button for hospital patients, personnel positioning and emergency call. The housing case is injection-molded with medical-grade materials. And thread-fixed structure makes it waterproof grade up to IP66. The wristband can be equipped with an NTAG213 NFC tag. The wristband beacon is loaded with Bluetooth® 5.0 hardware platform based on nrf52 chip. It advertises iBeacon and Eddystone (UID, URL, TLM) simultaneously. The user can configure GPS047D wristband beacon via configuration app as well.

How it works

GPS047D - Tracker Wristband Beacon Solutions for Geofence People under Coronavirus Quarantine Detector for SHN Cases - How it works

GPS047D beacon tags be use for indoor location, map guide, asset namagement, ect. 

Item tracking Indoor positioning Contactless ticket and payment
Staff tracking Robotic navigation Check-in control
Customer tracking Store mapping Location based service
Moveable tools tracking Parking space advisor Location dependent content
Vehicles tracking Seat locator Loss protection
Movement patterns Room navigation Security alerts


Chipset: nrf52, Nordic nRF52
Model Number: GPS047D – Wearable beacon
Waterproof: IP66
Color: White
Battery: CR2032 Coin Battery, 220mAh
Battery lifetime: 10-12 months, with the default settings
Transmission Range: 90M
Support: iOS 7.0+ and Android 4.3+ system;
Antenna: 50ohm
Size: 35.9*11mm
Style: Wristband Beacon

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