SPY888 – OMG Facial Recognition and Temperature Sensor Door Access System

SPY888 - OMG Facial Recognition and Temperature Sensor Door Access System - Product Features v2-0

Application Scenario

It is suitable for hotels, access gates, office buildings, schools, shopping malls, shops, communities, hospitals, supermarkets, residential communities, pharmacies, logistics warehouses, stations, airports, public services and management projects etc, that require face access control.

Demo Video



Size: 7 inch ISP LCD screen
Resolution: 736*1280


Type: 2MP Night Vision Live Camera
Sensor: 1/5   GC2145
Resolution: 2MP
Lens: 2.4mm


Type: Daily camera
Sensor: 1/2.8 IMX307
Resolution: 2MP
Lens: 4.5mm

Human body temperature measurement

Test position: Forehead
Temperature measurement range: 36-42℃
Temperature measurement distanc: 0.5-1m,7.5m optimal
Temperature measurement accura: c± 0.5℃
Temperature measurement time: ≤ 1s

Face recognition

Detection type: Real-Time detection
Face recognition distance: 0.5-2.2m
Recognize face resolution: /
Face library capacity: 50,000 Max
Recognize face angle (Daytime): Vertical perspective 58-60,Horizontal perspective 35;(Living) Vertical Perspective 48-50,Horizontal persp
Fault tolerance: Ordinary glasses and short sea surface retention time have no effect on recognition
Expression: Under normal circumstances, slight expressions do not affect recognition
Reaction speed: Around 200ms
Facial exposure: Support
Local storage: Support 25,000 records
Recognition area: Full screen recognition
Upload method: TCP, HTTP, MQTT

Internet function

Network protocol: IPv4, TCP/IP,HTTP
Interface Protocol: NIL
Safe mode: Authentication username and password
Alarm linkage mode: Voice broadcast, abnormal upload
System Upgrade: Support remote upgrade

Hardware accessories

Auxiliary light: Infrared fill light, white light fill light
Identification module: NIL
Speaker: Support voice broadcast for successful recognition results
Network module: NIL

Hardware interface

Network Interface: RJ45 10M/100M Network Adaptation
Alarm input: NIL
Alarm Output: NIL
RS485: Support
TF card slot: NIL
Wiegand interface: Support Wiegand 26, 34, 66 protocol
Hard recovery button: Support
Tamper switch: NIL


Operating temperature: -20 ° C ~ 60 ° C
Working humidity: 10%-90% Non-condensing
Protection class: NIL
Supply voltage: DC12V
Power consumption: ≤ 12 W
Size: (mm) 219mm (W) * 111mm (H) * 21.5mm (T)
Installation method: X86 Box Flush mounting / desktop installation / floor support installation

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