OMG ISPY – 3G IP Cam – Support 3G sim card and Wifi (IP010)

iSpy - 3G IP Cam (support 3G sim card)

iSpy – Security IP camera specification

iSpy - 3G IP Cam (support 3G sim card) - Features 650x

  • Wireless 3G wifi IP Security CCTV Camera

Keeping an eye on your home is simple, even thousands of miles away. Just hook up the 3G Wi-Fi home monitor security Camera ( iSpy ) and leave it running. You can check at any time through your smartphone to monitor your house and you can relax in the knowledge that should anyone break in you’ll instantly be alerted with frame grabs of the intruders sent to your mobile. In peace of mind you could check what is happening in the house through 720P live video stream. Even when the power is cut off, the internal battery is ready for up to 4 hours’ usage to detect abnormal motion/voiceaided by the PIR sensor.

iSpy - 3G IP Cam (support 3G sim card) - 3 View

  • Quick & Easy Set Up
3 steps to use the camera. Download APP → Register with your email and log-in → Star the camera and add it in APP.
No complex router configuration and technical skills needed. The magnetic base / wall mount can hold the camera on any flat surface or absorb to any metal surface.
  • 3G &Wifi Available
Compatible with latest 3G and Wi-Fi technology, you can access live video stream or recorded footage from anywhere any time, using our free mobile IOS & Android apps.
  •  360º placement
Equipped with a magnetic base, iSpy can be rotated and adjusted to any angle.
  •  Two-way talk
You can talk with anyone through the built-in speaker and microphone.
  •  Noise/Motion detection
Receive notifications when noise or motion is detected.

Product Details Page

 iSpy CCTV Sim card video camera Keep track of the usual, be alert to the unusual
Should anyone enter your house you’ll instantly be alerted by your mobile.
iSpy - 3G IP Cam (support 3G sim card) - Alert 02
Put your home in your phone, day and night
Things are under surveillance even in the night.
iSpy - 3G IP Cam (support 3G sim card) - Night View
Support 3G / Wi-Fi wireless camera for remote monitor
iSpy - 3G IP Cam (support 3G sim card) - 3G and Wifi Router
Multiple monitors management with one app
With one app, you can watch up multiple wireless home monitors.Place as many monitors as you like, anywhere you like,Stay close with you loved ones
Monitor with phone/pad/Browser
iSpy - 3G IP Cam (support 3G sim card) - Mobile App
Built In Battery
Built-in battery is ready for up to 4 hours’ usage even when the power is cut off.
iSpy - 3G IP Cam (support 3G sim card) - Battery
Small but rich in Features
iSpy - 3G IP Cam (support 3G sim card) - Size 650x
Sample PC Software View
IP010 - 3G IP Camera - PC View Sample
Sample Mobile App View (Support Android & IOS)
IP010 - 3G IP Camera - Mobile App View Sample
Hardware Specification
iSpy - 3G IP Cam (support 3G sim card) - Specification


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