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Man Down System – Lone Worker Safety Solution

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Body Worn Camera (Digital Evidence Management)

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Spy Camera

Hidden Spy Camera (Home Security)

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Emergency Panic Button Alarm

Emergency Panic Button / Fall Prevention Alarm

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GPS Tracker Device for Elderly, Kids, Pets & Vehicles

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"The OMG Floor Mat Alarm has worked well since we installed it a week ago. We were worried about my mother-in-law falling in the toilet, which happened recently. Since installation, the moment she steps on to the mat next to her bed, especially at night, it triggers the remote wireless alarm, and her family and domestic helper are able to respond to her quickly before she even reaches the bathroom. This has certainly taken away the anxiety of her falling without help being in sight. We can sleep better knowing that we can reach her in time to render any assistance needed"

Testimonial: WH Tan – Wireless Fall Prevention Mat Alarm

( WH Tan )