The Best GPS Trackers for Dementia Patients

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The Best GPS Trackers for Dementia Patients

The Best GPS Trackers for Dementia Patients

Diseases like dementia can erase a person’s memory and familiar surroundings become unfamiliar, making it difficult for them to adapt to new environments. The disorientation of the disease leads to wandering, a usual and significant concern for people who care about their loved ones and worry about the concerned patient to become frightened and lost in different situations.

There are now quite a few solutions to address wandering and make sure your loved ones are safe and secure. GPS tracking is now being widely used as a solution to such cases and its use is widespread. These devices allow you to locate the concerned person and help find them easily.

Why GPS Trackers Are Essential For Dementia Patients:

Of a large portion of a million people in the UK with dementia who live in their own homes, more than 40 percent will get lost eventually, and around 25,000 will get lost over and again, multiplying their danger of admission to long haul care. Tragically, 50% of each one of the individuals who disappear more than once for over 24 hours kick the bucket or are genuinely harmed.

In any case, scientists accept that presenting gadgets when an individual with dementia can value the advantages and results of conveying the gadget, and during an era that will enable them to become acclimated to utilizing the gadget so it turns into a propensity, could spare lives.

The examination, which is being exhibited in a report to the Alzheimer’s Society, carried individuals with dementia, their families and caretakers together with cops, foundations, and scientists, to evaluate the need and effect GPS trackers could have on individuals’ lives.

Some portion of the examination included chatting with individuals with dementia while they were out strolling in the network utilizing their area discovering gadget, just as plunk down meetings with family caretakers.

Dr. Ruth Bartlett, of the University of Southampton, drove the investigation and stated: “With expanding quantities of individuals with dementia living at home and expanding acknowledgment and use of advanced gadgets, the utilization of GPS innovations (among others) is probably going to extend quickly.

“We have had the option to demonstrate that individuals who saw an immediate advantage to utilizing the gadget were bound to need to utilize it and esteemed utilizing it. In any case, unmistakably individuals need specialized help to utilize such gadgets and a ton of data can be picked up from going out strolling with the individual. GPS isn’t safeguarded yet can help find an individual rapidly and along these lines spares lives.”

Dr. Bartlett added that giving area gadgets to individuals with dementia would empower them to have more prominent opportunities and more freedom while giving consolation to their families and caretakers.

“The innovation can support families and people settle on educated choices to help alleviate the hazard presented to individuals with dementia, and furthermore takes into consideration freedom to be kept up while giving carers true serenity.

“Further to this, we have the additional favorable position of having the option to rapidly find a missing individual who could be at genuine hazard.”

The Southampton research group trust that their report will bring issues to light of the advantages of somebody with dementia having a GPS tracker and lead to an expanded take-up in their utilization by people and families.

GPS Tracker Watches:

Nowadays, a GPS following watch for grown-ups accompanies huge amounts of highlights. Here are some of its advantages:

  • Guardians can know the live area of their children
  • You can, without much of a stretch, send crisis SOS messages to your contacts in a split second
  • It can enable you to follow the number of steps that you have taken
  • These astute gadgets can likewise follow our regular wellness details
  • A portion of these gadgets likewise accompany propelled highlights like internet based life applications, camera, voice calling, telephone matching up, and the sky is the limit from there

Waterproof Video Call GPS Kids Watch GPS033W:

If you are looking for some reliable real-time tracking device for your kids, then we recommend going with GPS033W. They are the real solution you are looking for. These are quite attractive to kids and we are sure that your kids will enjoy wearing these smartwatches. These smartwatches are designed with interactive safety measures to make parents doubly sure of the safety of their kids and loved ones.

The product is available in the market and comes with the following features:

  • GPS +AGPS+ LBS +WIFI Location on Map
  • Cell phone APP or computer GPRS platform, both ways to control the watch.
  • GPRS real-time locating, tracking and monitoring (Voice Care)
  • Two-way Phone Call
  • WIFI, BT
  • Camera
  • Album
  • Phone book
  • Class Schedule
  • Kids early education
  • Make Friends
  • Intercom
  • Health
  • Weather
  • Quick leaning
  • Alarm Clock
  • Security Zone
  • SOS Emergency Call
  • Low Battery Alerts
  • Remote Shutdown

GPS Tracker Pendants:

GPS tracker pendants are intended for your kid, older, vehicles, pets and so forth. The GPS child tracking pendant is probably the most secure tracker in the market. Here are some of its advantages:

  • Always be aware of your child activities
  • Go-to device for pet lovers
  • Keep your child safe
  • Can be used as a GPS tracking pendant for elderly

 GPS Pendant Tracker (Dementia Elderly & Kids) GPS014D:

A simple, no-frills device that handles the basics of letting you know where your child is. You can set up geofences and it comes with an SOS alarm too. If you are looking for a worthy product for real-time tracking in the market, we recommend the use of GPS014D. The device also comes with a historical track.

The product has the following features:

  • GPS + LBS + WIFI + AGPS nzvimbo
  • Real-time tracking
  • Historical track
  • Talking clock
  • Iwa pasi pasi
  • Geo-fence
  • SOS alarm
  • Low battery battery


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