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Children with Autism and other special needs can be non-verbal and may have a hard time interacting with people. OMG GPS Tracker is a monitoring solution designed for autism parents. When a child with Autism wanders off, the parent can just look up the location on the App downloaded on the Smartphone. There is no need to start calling the police or neighbours trying to locate the missing child.
With the help of GPS technology these watches are able to tell the location of the child with an amazing degree of accuracy. Using the App on your Smartphone, simply pull out the map and you will be able to see the exact location of the child.
The watches can also receive  voice messages, which means that a parents can record a voice message and calmly ask the autistic child to come back home.
The device also acts as a mobile phone, allowing you to call the child and slowly discern where he or she is.
There are many other great features that come with these devices, ensuring that children are fully protected at all times. Some of these include:
  • An SOS emergency button, which the child can use if he or she cannot be reached; There are pre-programmed numbers which will be alerted when this button is pressed.
  • A two-way communication channel that allows the parents to communicate with the child and ask him or her not to move from the current location. In the case of an Autistic child, the sound of a familiar voice is enough to create calm, and others can easily get to him or her.
  • Geo-fencing is another feature that is very important in the case of Autistic child. This allows the parent to set a perimeter within which the child must remain. If the child moves beyond this perimeter, an alert is sent to the phone of the parent.

Product Functions

  • GPS +AGPS+ LBS +WIFI Location on Map
  • Cell phone APP or computer GPRS platform, both way to control the watch.
  • GPRS real-time locating, tracking and monitoring (Voice Care)
  • Two-way Phone Call
  • WIFI, BT
  • Camera
  • Alburm
  • Phone book
  • Class Schedule
  • Kids early education
  • Make Friends
  • Intercom
  • Health
  • Weather
  • Quick leaning
  • Alarm Clock
  • Security Zone
  • SOS Emergency Call
  • Low Battery Alerts
  • Remote Shutdown


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GPS033W - 4G Waterproof Video Call Watch - Position-GPS-LBS-Wifi-AGPS 02


GPS033W - 4G Waterproof Video Call Watch - Waterproof 03



GPS033W - Waterproof GPS Whatsapp Video Call Kids Watch - Mobile App Screenshots



GPS033W - Waterproof GPS Whatsapp Video Call Kids Watch - Mobile App Screenshots 02


GPS033W - Waterproof GPS Whatsapp Video Call Kids Watch - Watch Face


ID Material ABS+PC
Screen IPS screen
Watch strap Silicon strap
Color Pink , blue
Size (mm) 232*42*17mm
Waterproof IP67
Battery Voltage 5.0V
Capacity 650mAH
Standby 1-3days
Talking time 4 hours
Battery Voltage 3.7V
Battery type Class A rechargeable polymer battery
Screen Type IPS
Size 1.4‘’
Pix 240*240
CTP TFT touch CTP TFT touch
IC chipeset CPU MTK 9820E
WiFi Support
GPS  -159dBm
Sound Ring yes
Handoff Yes
Speaker yes 0916high quality speaker
Mic-phone yes 4.0*1.5 mic phone
Key Yes
Dock Earphone dock NO
Charging dock Magnetic charging
SIM card slot Nano SIM
IO port 2pin
Camera Yes 30W
Sensor G-sensor Yes
Take off detection Light sensor NO
Other Antenna Embeded GSM antennas
Pedometer YES
Network/bands GSM 850  900  1800 1900
FDD-LTE B1  B3 B5 B7 B8
TDD-LTE B38 B39 B40 B41
Map location GPS Yes
WiFi Yes
AGPS Class12
 Watch Info Individual Video Call Icon Yes
Phone book YES ( 10 relatives phone number)
Intercom Yes
E-mail NO
App IOS+Android) Video call yes
Two way communication Yes, Non disturb stranger number
Intercom Yes
Voice monitor Yes
Time interval Manual setting
Geo-fence 3 available
Image upload image photo available from the camera or photo album
Alarm alert SOS and low battery , Geo fence
Historic 1 month historic data available
Play back ok to play back the historic route
Accuracy LBS,100-500meter, WIFI, 30-50meter, GPS 5-10meter
Battery status monitoring Yes
Active time with internet Yes




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