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GPS020W – GPS Tracker Watch for Children Age 10 & above / Elderly

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GPS020W - GPS Tracker Watch for Autism Autistic Kids Children age 10 and above

GPS tracker watch for children are designed to give parents or carers peace of mind about a child’s whereabouts. It’s not always easy to keep both eyes on active youngsters, and GPS tracking is the next-best way of keeping track of them and ensuring their safety.


     * S$198 (6 Months warranty) – usu $248

     * FREE Setup and Training

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Stylish 3G GPS Watch is a new generation of GPS tracker gadget with multiple positioning modes GPS+WIFI+LBS, which can be use for children, adults, elders, disabled and etc. It works perfectly anywhere all over the world. This tiny gadget is not only a watch, a GPS tracker, it can also work as a mobile which can make phone calls! It is also equipped with functions, such as camera, step counter, weather report, phone call, remote voice monitoring, historical route track, geo-fence, voice chat and so on!

Main Functions:

    • GPS+WIFI+LBS Multiple Positioning Modes : The device can automatically recognize the positioning network and switch the positioning mode automatically too, indoors using WIFI/LBS positioning mode while outdoors GPS positioning mode. (Support Google Map)
    • Phone Call: Besides serving as a GPS tracker, the device can also work as a mobile phone to make phone calls!
    • Historical Route Track (Footprint Record): The movement route of the GPS holder in the latest 3 months will be recorded for future checking, so you can track all the places the GPS holder has been to,easier to find the lost, such as your kids, elderly, family beloved ones or luggage, valuables, pets, cars,motorcycles and etc.
    • Electronic Fence Alarm (Geo-fence ): You can set a safe area( the GPS wearer as center) to keep the watch wearer inside the area, when the GPS holder gets out of the safe area, the device will automatically raise an alarm in your phone application.
      Remote Voice Monitoring (Listen in): In the application—settings, you can set a monitoring number, when you select the “Remote Voice Monitoring” function, a command will be sent to the GPS device after which the device will call the monitoring number automatically, (if you are the owner of the monitoring number)then you click to answer the call, and you can hear the sounds around the GPS device while the device side can not hear you at all! With this function, once your kid is in dangerous situation or your pet is far away from you, you can hear what is happening around them!
    • 1.54 inch Touch Screen.
    • Camera: Support photo taking, fun and fashion.
    • Step Counter: a good company for sports and health.
    • Weather: just a single tap to find out your local weather condition.
    • Voice Chat: you can have a voice chat with your beloved ones using the smart watch.
  • No monthly fee (support both pre-paid & post-paid).

GPS20W - GPS Watch For Kids and Elderly (3)



GPS20W - GPS Watch For Kids and Elderly On-Key SOS Button

GPS20W - GPS Watch For Kids and Elderly - Historical Tracking View of Children's Daily Traces

GPS20W - GPS Watch For Kids and Elderly - Multiple Mode Positioning

GPS20W - GPS Watch For Kids and Elderly - 3 Positioning So that Position will be more accurate

Real time tracking

3 types of working mode. User can select setting in the phone APP software function to choose the working mode.

1. Rapid positioning (1 minute): 1 minute intervals updates location information.
2. Standard positioning (10 minutes): 10 minutes intervals updates location information.
3. Save electricity positioning (an hour): 1 hour intervals updates location information.


  • Appearance: The super thin eco-friendly watch band and aluminium alloy watch plate makes it lightweight & stylish & high-end; the special material processing craft makes it super good to feel and pleasant to the eye.
  • Multiple applications: For kids, adults, elders, diabled and etc.
  • Free Mobile applicable: Android and IOS system, (lifetime application and platform service for free!)
  • Long standby time: There are 3 working time intervals optional for the device positioning data uploading : 1 min, 10 min, 1 hour. Interval shorter, battery life longer. Interval 1 min, battery lasting about 1 day; 10 min, battery lasting about 2-4 days; 1 hour, battery lasting about 5-7 days.
  • Colors: Pink, Black, Brown, Blue


1, Structure
Type parameters
Style Stylish Watch Design
Frequency GSM:900/1900MHz WCDMA:900/2100MHz
GSM:850/1900MHz WCDMA:850/1900MHz (optional)
Size 46x36x16mm
colour Black, Brown
GPS antenna Built-in high sensitivity ceramic antenna
GSM antenna FPC
Battery 600mAh
SIM card slot One slot
G-sensor Supported
I/O port USB port
Chipset MTK6572A
GPRS Class12
GPS singals L1,1575.42MHz C/A code
GPS channels 20 channels
GPS chip receiving sensitivity Tracking sensitivity:-165dBm,acquisition sensitivity:-148dBm
GPS Positioning accuracy 5~15m
Accuracy base station location 100-1000M
Minimum standby current <0.5 mA
Average standby current <2.5 mA
Average working current <55mA
Temperature -20~70℃
Humidity 5% to 95% no condensation
Certification CE, ROHS, FCC and etc.
GPS antenna Built-in high sensitivity FPC antenna
GSM antenna Built-in four frequency PIFA antenna
Bluetooth Supported
G-sensor Compatible
G-Sensor Supported
MIC Supported
Supported OS Android 2.3 and above, iOS 5.0 and above

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