Why do elderly fall more easily?

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Why do elderly fall more easily?

Why-do-elderly-fall-more-easilyIt is quiet often noted that the risk of falling increases with the age. Old people are likely to fall more than compared to the adults.

A fall might be the result of slippery and wet floors, poor lighting, loose rugs, inconvenient footwear etc.

There are certain chronic problems like eye diseases, inner ear problems, and osteoarthritis which increase the risk of falling.

Also, there are certain other acute problems like heart rhythm disturbance, drug problems, and infections which can often lead to reduced consciousness.

Therefore, we can say that physiological, pathological, and the environment factors are the major cause of falls for the elderly.


Risk Factors

Here are some other risk factors which often lead to falls :-

      •  Bone fragility :
        • Reduction in the density of bone mass often increases the risk of falls.
        • Bones becomes so thin that the normal activities began to be avoided.
      • Neurological factors :
      • Loss of sensation :
        • In the old age, neurological sensitivity reduces, which often lead to the risk of falls.
        • It is often noticed that sensation loss is more in the feet, which increases the risk of falls.
      • Drugs :
        • Some drugs lower your blood pressure, mainly while standing. This leads to falls.
        • Some people used to take sleeping pills and other antidepressants which often lead to falls.
        • Some antipsychotic drugs which are taken for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease often lead to falls.
        • Insulin and certain diabetic drugs also increase the chances of falling.
        • Calcium antagonists which lowers the heart rate is also included in this list.


So, here are some of the drugs which should be taken only when prescribed by your Doctor. Never take medicines on your own. This might cause a negative impact to your life.

      • Visual Defects : Here are some of the eye (visual) defects which can also lead to falls :
      • Glaucoma : It mainly occurs due to the high fluid pressure inside the eyes. This generally occurs after 40 years of age. It cannot be avoided.  So, it is recommended to visit your optometrist.
      • Contaracts : These are the cloudy areas that cover some part of the lens. Contaract formation begins form the middle age. Common symptoms include blurred vision, glare in headlights or sun lights. However, contarat can be removed through a surgery. It is better to take proper check – up within frequent interval of time in order to prevent any miss – happening.
      • Unpleasant Environment
      • Uncomfortable footwear
      • Improper lighting
      • Improper cleanliness
      • Spills on the floor
      • Loose rugs
      • Improper walking aids

Complication –

      • Fracture
      • Head Injury
      • Fear of falls
      • Hospitalization
      • Muscle Breakdown

What to do?

If you encounter these falls to your elders (loved ones). Just don’t ignore it. Try to consult your physician, doctor. This problem might be curable.

So, don’t ignore it. Consult the Doctor before it becomes severe.

Moreover, give your parents a healthy diet. Try to give them food which is rich in calcium, and other vitamin contents.

“Healthy diet with the healthy mind keeps the doctor away.”

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