Way to Encourage Adoption of Man Down System (A10003)

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Way to Encourage Adoption of Man Down System (A10003)

Way to Encourage Adoption of Man Down System (A10003B) The lone workers like autonomy, they want to work alone, and they do not want someone to supervise them but at the same time, they also want safety and security measures to protect their lives. Employees are resistance to change, introducing solutions or system To Ensure their safety might not be so welcoming. Therefore, it’s a challenge for an organization to increase the usage of the lone worker’s solution. For that first, they have to remove any barriers related to lone worker’s solution and then they should take measures to increase the usage of the lone worker’s solution.

Common Barriers:

  • it’s not necessary to carry devices: Many lone workers feel it’s not necessary to carry devices, it will only waste their time and attention. They also assume what happened to others will not happen with them. That’s why it’s important for managers to give them full knowledge and how it can reduce the potential risk associated with the lone workers.
  • Lone Workers do not know how to use: Lone worker’s solution has many features and that’s why it is hard for lone workers to understand how it operates. Therefore, organizations must provide the proper guidelines about these lone workers’ solution devices.
  • Fear of activating the alarm by mistake: Many lone workers fear that their small mistake can activate the alarm especially in the ‘’ man down system’ ’therefore they must be able to adjust the device setting and off the alert when its activities by mistake.
  • Irritations in the work: Employees resist to use devices because they think it will irritate them while doing their jobs, that’s why the organization should use the latest technology like the ihelp-man down system which is the world’s smallest GPS tracking device described in the last section of the article. Apart from that organizations can tell the about cost-benefit relationship of having the devices, which means if they do not use the devices it may cost their lives.
  • Mistrust of device: Lone worker’s solutions have a GPS system in the device that’s why many workers fear to be tracker other than the job. Therefore, it creates mistrust for the device.
  • Fear of change: It’s human nature, we all resist change but however once the benefits are communicated through awareness, we are likely to follow the change. Similarly, organizations must properly communicate and try to reduce the fear in the usage of solutions related to lone workers.

Give them a part in decision making:

If you are looking for where to invest in the lone worker’s solution, then it’s a great opportunity to take the input of the lone workers. Involving them in the decision-making process will increase their commitment to use the devices. However, if you already have solutions related to the lone workers you can ask them what the potential barriers lone workers are facing, how can these solutions be improved, and other input related to the enhancement of the system.

Training: Lone worker’s safety solutions come with the bulk of features that’s why it’s important for an organization to help lone workers to understand how these things work. By doing this we can reduce many potential barriers that we explained above.

Carrot and stick Approach: by using this approach organizations should reward those who are using lone workers’ safety devices properly. On the other hand, it should impose penalties on those who are not using it as per instruction. Doing this organization creates incentives for those who are doing well and at the same time discourage those who are going against the organization’s policies.

Master your lone worker solution with ihelp-Man down system:

You can master your lone worker solution by using one device which provides you full solution related to the lone worker’s risks. Yes, its ihelp-man down system which is the world’s smallest 3G GPS tracking device. It’s easy to carry so lone workers will not feel irritate while carrying it during the job and at the same time it has a user-friendly operation that is easy to understand by lone workers. It has one button on the device, a lone worker can press in while he is any danger which will send alert to the organization with the location. Its amazing super accurate fall sensors will send message to the organization when lone work fall from somewhere so it can save the life of lone worker through timely first aid. Apart from that, it has a two-way voice communication system which will play a key role for the organization to be in touch with lone workers.

In conclusion, to increase the usage of lone workers solution organizations must break the barriers first and then take input of lone workers, train them, use carrot and stick approach to ensure the use of safety devices. Organizations should use devices like ihelp to master the lone worker’s solutions by using one device which includes all solutions.

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