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EA062 – WIFI Emergency SOS Panic Button Alarm (Monitor Elderly / Handicap Anywhere) – Long Range 100m

EA062 - WIFI Emergency SOS Panic Button Alarm (Monitor Elderly - Handicap Anywhere) - Long Range 100m version 2





– Hi-db on-site sound and flashing alert
– Sensor low-vol detection.
– Power lose detection.
– Tamper detection.
– Built-in battery.
– Voice control.
– See alarm status on your phone any time.
– Press panic button with 110DB sound alert and phone push.
– Wearable panic button


– WiFi SOS Panic Button
– Input Voltage: USB 5V
– Battery: 3.6V 120mAh (Rechargeable battery)
– Standby Current:< 50uA
– Work Current:<70mA
– Standby Time: 1 Year
– Power: 0.2W
– WiFi Frequency: 2.4GHz
– WiFi Protocol Standard:802.11b
– Working Temperature:-20 ~ 55 ºC
– Humidity: 20~95%
– Material: ABS+PC
– App: Smart Life

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EA007 – Long Distance Wireless Emergency Alarm System (300m)

EA007 – Long Distance Wireless Emergency 800x


EA007-CMU – Central Monitoring Alarm Unit (Light and Sound)
EA007-CMU - Medium Host Receiver Display 250x Dimension: 300×162×43 mm
Frequency: 433.92MHZ
Power: DC12v
Sensitivity: 110dbm
Color: Black
Material: Aluminum frame
Max SOS Button Supported: 289
Display: 2-digits with 2.3 inches, 4-digits, 1.8 inches, red LED display
Storage: 20 calling numbers for service,
Warranty: 1 Year
EA007-CB – Ultra Slim SOS Panic Button
Super Thin Call Button (EA007-ThinButt) Dimension: 57.5* 57.5*7.2 mm
Call distance: 300 meters(Open area)
Color: Black
Warranty: 1 Year
EA007-BT – Enhanced Signal Booster Device
Dimension: 130*110*30mm
Power: 12V
Color: Silver,
Material: Aluminum,
Frequency: 433.92 MHz,
Distance: 100 meters (Open area)
Warranty: 1 Year

EA007 – Long Distance Wireless Emergency Alarm System Video Demo

EA007 – Long Distance Wireless Emergency Alarm System – Waterproof Panic Button Demo

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EA061 – Wireless Motion Sensor Alarm System

EA061 - Wireless Motion Sensor Alarm System - Main Page

OMG EA061 Economy Cordless Monitor and Motion Sensor system offers caregivers great value & flexibility in wireless monitoring. The wireless motion sensor communicates directly with the wireless Economy Monitor. No other devices are required. Set up is quick and easy. You can add more wireless motion sensors, wireless nurse call buttons, wireless chair or bed sensor pads – up to six total. You can mount with provided mounting tape or screws. Bed mounting: mount motion sensor 6” to 8” from edge of bed at floor level. Above door mounting: Rotate the motion sensor down so it’s facing the floor. By mounting the motion sensor above the door you are able to monitor when someone leaves the room.

  • System comes with 1 Economy Wireless Monitor and 1 Motion Sensor with swivel bracket for specific area motion sensing. Easy to monitor loved ones getting out of bed or leaving the room. Can be used above or by doorways or next to bed.
  • The Monitor uses three “C” batteries and measures 5.25″ x 4″ x 1″. The Motion Sensor uses three “AA” batteries and measures 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 1.5″. (Batteries not included)
  • Monitor has adjustable volume (Hi/Lo/Med).
  • Monitor is expandable – can handle up to 6 wireless components.

EA061 - Wireless Motion Sensor Alarm System - Monitor Support 6 motion sensor

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EA060 – Standalone Motion Sensor Alarm

EA060 - Standalone Motion Sensor Alarm - Main Page

Stand-Alone Monitoring Solution

The EA060 Motion Sensor allows you to maintain effective awareness of resident movement without the use of pressure pads, floor mats or pull-string type devices.

Versatile Placement Options

Motion sensor can be placed at the bedside to alert when someone attempts to get out of bed, by a chair to alert when someone attempts to get up from a chair, or by a doorway to alert when someone attempts to exit the area.  The TL-2700 is battery operated and stands vertically without assistance within it’s 360° swiveling plastic cradle.  Cradle may be wall-mounted with provided hardware and optional mounting bracket accessories are available.

Wide Area of Detection

This motion sensing exit alarm has a wide field of detection that extends outwards approximately 30 feet from the alarm.  Any movement that interrupts this field will trigger the alarm.


-Chime Alert

-Great for bedsides, hallways or doorways

-Stand-alone motion sensor alarm

-No cords or wires required

-Battery Operated (1-9 Volt, Not Included)

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EA049 – Disabled Handicap Toilet Pull String Alarm Kit for Hospital & Offices – S$290

EA049 - Disabled Handicap Toilet Pull String Alarm Kit

Disabled Persons Toilet Alarm Kit finished in white, designed to provide both a visual and auditory alarm when assistance is required and provides re-assurance that help is on the way – offering unrivalled quality at an unbeatable price.

The simple to install 3-part kit includes indication module, pull cord module and reset module and the 80db distinctive tone alert sounder has a clear LED alert triangle indication for when the alarm has been triggered. It is designed to meet the criteria of care standards set out in Part M building regulations BS 8300.

The Modules are manufactured from Urea which contains naturally occurring antibacterial Properties, making this an ideal solution for places sensitive to hygiene such as hospitals, care homes, and bathrooms.

The compact design makes it suitable for many interiors and the system is expandable to include additional indication and pull cord modules if required.

  • 3 Part kit all complete with surface back boxes
  • Indication illuminated LED light includes a 80dB distinctive tone alert for when the alarm is triggered
  • Pull cord module with a distinctive red pull cord supplied with 2 handles, including LED alert triangle, this switch also features an anti ligature mechanism to aid the prevention of accidental of self harm
  • Reset module has a clear LED alert triangle with internal sounder to re-assure the user the alarm has been raised and assistance is on the way, the alert triangle feature acts as a push button to reset the alarm as clearly indicated on the module
Colour White
Dimensions (H)41 mm
Height 41mm
Packaging Types Each
Product Range Electrical Accessories
Resettable Yes
Supplied With Disabled Persons Sticker
Unspsc 46171604
Weight 0.70000kg

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EA046 – Wireless Wristband Nurse Call System (Rechargeable Wireless Call Watch Receiver & Panic Button)

EA046 - Wireless Wristband Nurse Call System with Rechargeable Wireless Call Watch Receiver & Call Button

The EA046 Wireless Wristband Nurse Call System is mainly used in Healthcare industry, Hospital, Clinic, Offices , Government Consulting Agency, Elderly Home, Residential Home etc.
The Wireless Watch Receiver composed of the ABS and Aluminum+Silicone shell, Oxidized bright black, can be stored 200 call button at the same time. Applied to all kinds of business and service places, with receiving extra-long distances, long battery standby time and high cost-performance characteristics.



1. Built-in 80 mAh polymer lithium battery, still standby for more than 72 hours.
2. Can be stored 200 pcs emergency call button.
3. Support time display.
4. Waterproof level : IPX56.
5. Able to display 4 group calling number at the same time.
6. Learning type code, automatic saving and testing technology.
7. Support varies installation methods.
8.  Adopt to the imported CPU control chips and the digital coding technology.

EA046 - Wireless Calling System - Features


EA046 - Wireless Wristband Nurse Call System (Rechargeable Wireless Call Watch Receiver & Panic Button)

EA046 - Wireless Calling System with Rechargeable Wireless Call Watch Receiver & Call Button - Watch Size


Wireless wrist watch pager
Built-in 80 mAh lithium battery
1.77*1.38*0.47(Excluding strap)
Build-in system
2-digital numebr,1-4 group
Dedicated USB charging cable

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EA008-SETS – OMG Elderly: Wireless Toilet Emergency Alarm for Home – S$400


EA008-SETS - Elderly Wireless Toilet Emergency Alarm for Home

Low Cost Solution

The Economy CordLess® Fall Prevention Alarm provides affordable and effective cord-free wireless monitoring with a range up to 300 ft. Ideal for home or small facility use.

Easy To Use

The Economy CordLess® Alarm is simple-to-use, light-weight and can be paired with up to six (6) Call Button to serve as a portable caregiver alert.

Remove Noise From The Room

Monitor can be mounted away from the bed, removing in-room alarm noise and reducing entanglements and tripping hazards. Adjustable volume and gentle chime alert won’t startle residents and offers QUIETER fall prevention.

USA ProductFeatures

  • • Affordable & effective wireless Alarm
    • Easy set up and operation
    • Monitor up to six (6) call buttons with one alarm
    • Adjustable volume
    • Battery Operated (3-C, Not Included)
    • Optional AC Power Adapter (AC-04)


Set Include

  • Sound and Light Alarm
  • Emergency Push Button
  • Reset Button



Call Button - Tigger Multiple (unilimited) Alarm - Location Point

Call Button – Trigger Multiple (unlimited) Alarm – Location Point

EA008-EC - Monitor up to 6 call busttons with 1 alarm with reset Button

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vCare Elderly Home Alone Safety System

vCare Elderly Home Safety System WiFiGSM

vCare is a Elderly Home Security Alarm System, which combines home security, healthy life and elderly care. It transmits alarm information through dual network of Wi-Fi and GSM, simple, safe and fast.

Wherever you are in office, or on a business trip at abroad, vCare is with you. You could know the status of your smart alarm system, monitoring what’s happening in the house, keep close to your parents, even what’s the humidity and temperature indoor and outdoor. vCare make you enjoy a safe and smart life.

Main Functions

1. All the setups through your smart phone Apps, android and iOS App, clearly and easily.
2. It’s able to add maximum 100 users.
3. Comes with 3 SMS text message numbers and 3 call numbers.
4. Comes with 99 wireless zones, 8 fire alarm zones, 8 emergency zones, 8 medical calls, 4 water leakage zones, and 2 wired zones, 20 remote controllers.
5. Adding extra sensors by scanning QR code, it’s more easy and convenient.
6. Two-way communication.
7. With IP Camera moniotoring.
8. Built-in timely arm, disarm and setup home mode function. (maximum 3 different time.)
9. With self-detecting temperature, humidity and be able to setup over-temperature alert.
10. WIFI failure or GSM network failure alert.
11. Door/window open alert.
12. Monitor the status for the sensors.
13. Remind of the sensors with low battery.
14. Delay alarm, delay arm and delay disarm (0 to 99s for optional).
15. The ringing time of the siren is able to DIY setup.(0 to254s or keep warning).
16. With wireless emission function, control 99 wireless sirens.
17. Remote control via text message and phone keypad.
18. With Home mode setting.
19. External power fail or recovery remind function.
20. Siren remind when arming, disarming by remote control.
21. SMS remind when arming, disarming by remote control.


Material: ABS Color: White + red
Power Supply: AC-100-240V 50Hz/60H output: DC12V/1A
FR between panel to sensors/remote controllers: 30 to 50 meters indoor, 100 meters in the open area. Working consumption: <1.2w
GSM network: 900/1800/850/1900mhz
Backup battery: 7.4V/800 mah.
Working condition: Temperature: -20 ℃~ +55℃ Humidity: ≤90% Size: 14.7cm*14.7cm

Smart Phone APP Android & iOS

vCare Mobile Apps

vCare Smart Home Security System WiFiGSM 3
1 Panel, 2 Remote controllers, 1 Panic button, 1 Motion sensor, 1 Door/window magnetic sensor, 1 HD IP camera, 1 Smoke Sensor, 1 Gas Sensor, 1 Water leakage sensor, 1 strobe siren

Base/Gateway Specifications
Housing Materials ABS
Way of alarming WiFi/3G/GPRS network
3G frequency (A) 900/2100MHz
Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n.2.4GHz
Housing Color White + red
Standby Current ≤80mA
Alarm Current <200mA
Receiving Frequency 433MHz
Unobstructed Effective Range (m) 30 -50 meters
Wireless Zones 169
Wired Zones 2
Wired siren 1
SMS Phone Numbers 3
Alarm To User Phone Numbers 3
Sound Recording 10s
Arm/disarm System Smart Phone App, Phone, SMS, Wireless Keyboard
Local Alarm Sound Scale (dB/m) ≥80db
Output Power Supply (V) DV12 1A
Input Power Supply (V) AC100~240
Battery Type Built-in Li-Battery, 7.4V, 800mAh
Battery Working Time (Hours) 7-8
Operating Temperature (°C) -20~+50
Operating Humidity (RH) 95%
Dimensions (L x W x D, mm) 145(L)*145(W)* 30(H)mm

Package A: $490, 1 Panel, 2 Remote controllers, 1 Panic button, 1 Motion sensor, 1 Door/window magnetic sensor
Package B: $690, 1 Panel, 2 Remote controllers, 1 Panic button, 1 Motion sensor, 1 Door/window magnetic sensor, 1 HD IP camera

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Fall/ Wandering Prevention System

433-CMU-Low-cost-Central-MonitorEliminate in-room alarm noise

433-CMU-Economy-Central-Monitor-540x406Works with cordless bed pads, chair pads, floor mats and wireless components which allows the Central monitor to be placed at a nurses station – away from the resident, thereby eliminating in-room alarm noise.

Pager Notification

Caregiver may also be notified by pager that displays which sensor activated an alert. This enables the caregiver to attend to other duties yet be alerted when a resident needs assistance.

Know who needs help

Central Monitor alerts caregiver at nurses’ station or caregiver pager with an audible and visual display that indicates which resident originated the alarm.


To fit your fall prevention and anti-wandering needs. Add additional wireless components to the system such as nurse call buttons (OMG433-NC), floor mats, and motion sensors (OMG433-MS).

USA ProductFeatures

  • Works with wireless nurse call buttons (OMG433-NC), floor mats, bed pads, chair pads, and motion sensors (OMG433-MS).
  • The Central Monitor can be placed at the nurse’s station to alert caregivers when residents are in need of assistance.
  • Alarms at nurses’ station or other central location audibly and display indicates which resident originated the alarm.
  • Caregiver is simultaneously notified on caregiver pager.
  • Nurse call button allows resident to call caregiver at any time, push-button activation transmits signal to the Central Monitor and caregiver pager simultaneously, can be mounted to headboard or worn with lanyard.


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