Leverage Body cameras to ensure Employee Safety by Industries

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Leverage Body cameras to ensure Employee Safety by Industries

Leverage Body cameras to ensure Employee Safety by Industries

Cameras are everywhere. Each one of us can capture daily life by cell phone. Usually, people tend to behave better when they know they are being watched. Even the suggestion that someone is watching tends to influence people. Probably, we will behave differently only when we see a sign” CCTV records 24/7 “even though the camera is actually not recording. The body cameras are actively being used in law enforcement agencies and hospitals. However, it can be used in the development of agriculture, mining, construction, and transportation. The mining and agriculture fields which are always full of risks can be covered up by using body cameras with WIFI and GPS tracking system.
Wearable Headset Body Worn Camera can easily store the conversation between buyer and seller at the time of dealing and later on this recorded audio and video can be used for evidence. The farmers, businessmen, banks, insurance companies, rescue officers in fire departments and even also the government can use body cameras for monitoring their workers and get alerts of threat.
These are some fields where a body camera can be helpful.

1. Agriculture
2. Mining
3. Construction
4. Manufacturing
5. Transportation
6. Communications
7. Electrical, Gas and sanitary services
8. Wholesale trade
9. Retail trade
10. Finance, insurance, and real estate services


The farming industry will become arguably more important than ever before in the next few decades. The world will need to produce 70% more food in 2050 than it did in 2006 in order to feed the growing population of the Earth, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. To meet this demand, farmers and agricultural companies are turning to the Internet of Things for analytics and greater production capabilities.
Every farmer will understand the difficulty of keeping their land secure. As a landlord, it’s not uncommon to own thousands of acres of land. It’s very hard to patrol and secure every section and keep trespassers out. More often than not, trespassers have no malicious intent at all. It’s easy to stumble onto farmland without realizing it. However, occasionally, thieves or even protestors will find their way onto your property. Here’s some good advice to help eliminate this.

• Signs a simple way to restrict trespassers, thieves, and protestors with signs around the perimeter of your land.
• Make your workers aware to make sure that it’s part of their job to report any suspicious activity or trespassing.
• Physical barriers One easy way to remedy this is to implement physical barriers. This could be fences or barbed wire if you’re feeling particularly preventative.
• Alarms and motion sensors CCTV cameras and body-worn cameras give evidence
• Tag your vehicles with body-worn GPS system to locate easily

Agriculture machinery, orchards, dairy farms, and fields are large and expensive, and machinery not everyone who needs occasionally can afford to purchase and store it. Equipment rental businesses make it easy to access this equipment as needed, but how can we secure our business and products?
Video surveillance systems are extremely common and popular, although it may be more difficult for a thief to steal a tractor versus a sweater, all retail businesses need to be aware of the damages from thieves. A surveillance camera can monitor farms, orchards and, fields around the clock, even when you are out of the office but you want to keep an eye on your worker’s body-worn cameras record every minute video and also audio which CCTV can’t record. Additionally, a surveillance system can be used to monitor customer interactions, track money handling at the cash register, and ensure all your staff and customers are following safety standards around the equipment.
Monitoring your agriculture business is a smart way to minimize loss and maximize profits. Installing farm security body cameras helps you keep an eye on what’s going on when you can’t be there.


Every parents worst frightening is for their teenage child to be involved in a car accident. Unfortunately, parents are right to be concerned. The leading cause of deaths among teenagers is motor vehicle fatality. Having your child’s vehicle fitted with body cam GPS tracking device to keep an eye on their driving habits or prevent them from driving at night can drastically lower the chances of them being involved in an accident. From travel speed to a precise location, parents gain access to vital information to help protect their children. Secure Mini Body Worn Camera with Encryption [With LCD Screen] (BWC060) is an excellent tool for parents and companies to identify unruly drivers and children.
Passenger numbers on trains, buses and private hire services are growing every year along with calls for greater transparency and public accountability. The use of body-worn video technology is on the increase across the vast transport network in response to these calls.
Body-worn video technology is being put to good use in three specific ways;

1. Customer complaint handling using video footage is being used instead of online complaint forms to create reporting efficiencies right across the transport network.
2. Courier and delivery personnel are using body-worn video technology for quality assurance purposes as proof of delivery with signatures being captured by the camera.
3. As an effective deterrent against ticket fraud and anti-social behavior.
Virgin Trains has become the first UK train operator to provide body-worn cameras to cover all its frontline people, resulting in assaults on staff falling by more than half. Results from a    survey revealed that more than 80% of staff felt safer at work while wearing bodycams and nearly 90% would recommend them to colleagues.


The body cameras can be used to protect retail staff, properties and the general public. Research shows that Body-worn cameras have a deterrent effect and supportive measures for reducing violence, threats, and abuse at work. Cameras can also have a positive effect on changing the behavior of workers and customers when they realize they are being filmed.
The aim of body-worn cameras is to reduce violence toward the wearer of the camera, provide evidence of interaction/actions taken to substantiate any accusations and give an unbiased and fair view of an incident, interaction or job. CCTV is a great tool it regularly has no audio, but body cameras offer additional support and evidence.
Retail centers can use facial recognition body cameras to reduce fraud and theft. Companies upload photos of people they want to watch, such as known shoplifters, disgruntled employees or other persons of interest, into the system. The system then watches for those individuals in the store. Theft in retail also occurs at the checkout counter as cashiers fail to scan products for friends and family. Systems, such as Stop Lift with security cameras and leverage artificial intelligence to send alerts as this occurs.
There are brands, for example, that would not entertain wearing anything other than a discreet panic alarm because of the perception by the customer that they are being watched. It is a little like the arguments for and against retail security guards at the doors it is a physical reminder to would-be thieves that they are not welcome.

Wholesale trade

In the latest report, “Biometric Marketing 2019,” be found that despite concerns, retailers are exploring biometric technology, including behavioral tracking and facial and voice recognition, for advertising and promotional targeting. These systems can identify and track shoppers in brick-and-mortar stores and learn their preferences, like how online retailers use cookies. The information can then be used to interact with them via their phones, in-store signage or in other ways.
Rising crime rates and terrorist attacks all over the world are inducing a high demand for improvements in the surveillance strategies of various regions. Body cameras provide a comparatively clear view and real-time information about the activities going around. As in any business with physical inventory, theft is a very common occurrence that costs businesses thousands, if not millions, dollars a year. Employees are responsible for a large number of stolen goods, but for wholesalers, there is also the concern of others stealing products during transport. Ensure that you have strong security measures in place. Employees must wear body cameras to make evidence on stolen goods and body cameras with GPS tracking in vehicles to find the location of stolen vehicles with products.


Over the years, video technology has been used to evaluate worker exposure to different types of contaminants. Helmet-Cam with GPS is a simple and relatively inexpensive technology to set up and use. It consists of a lightweight video camera, a method for housing instruments in a way that allows miners to perform work.
Clearly, any system that helps security staff concentrate on more fruitful activities increases efficiency and improves security. But the availability of a customized video security system that is integrated with other control and management systems can provide many mining operations with a very powerful tool that can deliver significant benefits in other areas too, such as safety and processing efficiency for example. Once managers realize the power at their fingertips, they see new opportunities for applying it and considerable added value can be derived from the investment.
Human recognition cameras at entrances and exits will monitor who is coming in and who is leaving. Most mines have security and checkpoints, so there is enough time to capture a face clearly. OMG law enforcement has developed its face recognition system that includes human comparison functions to recognize people and prevent suspects or people who have been blacklisted from entering the mine’s premises.
we are not talking here about off-the-shelf products. As a potential purchaser, you need to identify a suitable supplier who has relevant products and experience, and you also need to ensure that the chosen system has already been developed and installed successfully. Like OMG products body-worn cameras help workers in mining to take a video of circumstances and helmet with cam and GPS helpful in finding missing workers under the hill and GPS will track where workers location.


Body-worn cameras (BWC), also known as body cameras and body-worn video, or wearable cameras is a wearable audio, video, or photographic recording system. Workers and employers in the construction industry continue to face numerous emerging risks and challenges. From slips and falls and weather-related business interruption to fires and stolen equipment, construction sites will face innumerable risks every day. Body cameras give evidence actually what happened and protect instruments to stolen.
A construction site fire isn’t that uncommon. A single spark from a sander, welder, a cigarette, electrical wire, temporary lighting and the like will easily set wood, solvents, packaging or gasoline all found on construction sites up in flames. Body cameras wore by workers create alarm in danger and GPS gives the clue to officers where fire getting flames.
Unattended job sites can result in unknown damage from leaking or frozen pipes, smoldering hot work, and theft/vandalism of equipment and materials. OMG body cameras or helmets with the camera are the best options for workers to wear during their shift to get protection, sometimes workers don’t like each other or don’t want work together and create violence at the workplace, if they know that they are filmed their behavior change in a second.


Manufacturing is the processing of raw materials or parts into finished goods through the use of tools, human labor, machinery, and chemical processing. Large-scale manufacturing allows for the mass production of goods using a large number of workers and advanced technologies. Efficient manufacturing techniques enable manufacturers to take advantage of economies of scale, producing more units at a lower cost.
We know that according to economic rule a large number of workers are less productive. When thousands of workers in one place then 100% chances some workers do not work efficiently, so imposing body cameras on workers will give data that workers do not work efficiently but taking wages every month. Secondly, body cameras give evidence of those workers who break company rules. Thirdly, security is the main factor of any organization, company or stores body cameras give sold evidence of stolen products. CCTV cameras are old surveillance devices but they do not record audio, but with body cameras, market workers know the perception of buyers what they think about their products.


The security camera is part of everyday life. It is an important part of every organization’s security plan. It should also be part of your disaster relief plan. Many organizations overlook the benefits that a security camera can have on both fronts. Communication in organizations encompasses all the means, both formal and informal, by which information is passed up, down, and across the network of managers and employees in a business. These various modes of communication may be used to disseminate official information between employees and management, to exchange hearsay and rumors, or anything in between. So, if employees wore body camera then official information might not discuss and not get out like a rumor.
During corporate America’s early history, which stretches back a little more than 150 years, American management operated as strict “top-down” communications companies. Whatever the majority of the company’s owners said was the law. If the company had a senior management committee, strategies for doing everything from selling the product to dealing with employees would be discussed behind closed doors. Once those decisions were made by managers, lower levels of management were asked to put those decisions into effect. Employees had little input. They did as they were told or found work elsewhere.

Electrical, Gas and sanitary services

Electric establishments are profoundly perilous in light of the fact that even a slight lack of regard can make life a person. The viability of Body-worn cameras as observation innovation is likewise significant for the electric office. The advantages of Use of Body-worn Cameras in an Electric organization Confine the representatives to comply with security rules during their working hours on the grounds that even a slight lack of regard by the workers causes genuine mischief to them. To check a genuine event, it is basic to submit to all wellbeing standards and guidelines. Keep the trespassers and unapproved individuals from the ward of the electric organization not exclusively to check hurt yet, in addition, to shield them from the perilous electric establishments.
Numerous innovation patterns are driving the gas and oil advertise. Oil and gas organization in the United States of America has given body-worn cameras to its security and field staff. The reason behind camera observation is to expand the effectiveness of security, keep carefulness on the field staff. By utilizing body-worn cameras by security and field staff the organization needs to pursue purposes.
By utilizing body-worn cameras in sanitary assistance, inside states of sterile sewers and private helplines can be assessed and assessed while catching pictures progressively. You’ll recognize the various issues and their inclination forthwith. For instance, CASA Sanitary Wares Factory, Canada gave body-worn cameras to its specialists and other staff at the hour of their obligation. They took advantage of Body-worn Cameras in the accompanying:

• Screen the laborers’ whether they are keeping the principles of the organization or not watch controlling of waste material
• Watch out for waste material
• Permit portable survey for off-site watching out for
• Screen reasons for mishaps and different misfortunes
• Keeps the trespassers and unapproved people from the locale of the oil field
• Screens the laborers’ whether they are complying with the principles of the organization or not
• Gets an image of gas generation field
• Watches controlling of waste material
• Abstains from taking and destroys
• Permits portable review for off-site watching out for
• Screen reasons for mishaps and different misfortunes

Finance, insurance, and real estate services

Money related associations like banks are viewed as the most ensured establishments on earth. We endow our cash, adornments, and significant archives by depending on them. In this way, a choice video observation framework is basic for these monetary organizations. With current developments in advanced innovation and IP perception, numerous banks are hoping to help the proficiency of their security frameworks by putting resources into this new innovation. Body-worn cameras and CCTV camera perception frameworks with cutting edge video investigation, for example, facial acknowledgment are adapting to the issue of check extortion at banks by chronicle exchange information and catching pictures of lawbreakers. This data is helpful to perceive offenders and helps with ensuring client accounts. Body-worn cameras can upgrade client trust in the bank. The more ensured a bank is, the more certain clients will be. An efficacious bank video reconnaissance framework through body-worn cameras and CCTV cameras demonstrates profoundly helpful. Body-worn cameras have moved toward becoming a piece of each office. Almost, every industry is attempting to adjust it to the observation of its laborers. Similarly, insurance agencies are habitually attempting to utilize video recording caught at the hour of the occurrence to demonstrate or dislike duty, and they will even venture to such an extreme as to attempt to utilize video recording of an individual at their home or in open spots to demonstrate that the individual exaggerated their wounds. In this manner, the utilization of body-camera sets aside a great deal of cash from associations since body cameras gives evidence of whether this laborer is qualified to give protection cash or not. This is the thing that insurance agencies are underlining in the utilization of body cameras.
Advantages of Body-worn cameras in Banks and other money-related organizations:

• Banks keep on being focused on lawbreakers looking for a major installment. The best possible bank body-worn camera reconnaissance arrangement can forestall burglaries.
• On account of theft and extortion recorded body-worn camera films can be utilized to recognize the suspects.

Real estate professionals who use safety precautions mindfully and remain vigilant in the field can still become targets of criminals.

Would you wear a body cam? Practitioners have mixed reactions to that question. Looking back Hinkel says her attacker may have been deterred if she were wearing a body camera but not necessarily. He wasn’t shy about revealing his identity or providing a copy of his license. For someone like him who doesn’t seem to fear being exposed, would a recording device such as a body can have any effect on his behavior? “I think preventative measures and learning how not to get yourself in a bad situation are so much more important,” Hinkel says, adding that self-defense training and safety education offer longer-term solutions than devices meant to be used at the moment. “I think you have to prepare your mindset.”


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