Leading GPS Trackers for People Suffering from Dementia

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Leading GPS Trackers for People Suffering from Dementia

Leading GPS Trackers for People Suffering from Dementia

Older people can often experience health problems, related to vision, hearing or even loss of consciousness. These diseases can cause serious problems or you can even lose a relative. For these types of situations, the GPS tracker for the elderly has been created; a device that allows locating people.

They are devices specially designed for the elderly and the elderly, with large buttons, simple use, and simplified functionalities. Tracking systems for different situations, based on SIM cards or GPS networks, with and without two-way voice communication and with autonomies that vary from a few days to several months.

Several studies state that 60% of Alzheimer’s patients leave their homes without their caregivers (children, nurses, etc.). The vast majority roam for hours. The patient becomes disoriented since he lives anchored in a past where there are no current memories. The streets, in their current configuration, are strange places that you don’t know.

In these situations, it is advisable to have technology that allows rapid action, such as the GPS locator for the elderly, people with dementia or Alzheimer’s. In this way, we will avoid stressful situations not only in ourselves but also in the elderly, who may not know how to properly manage their lack of orientation and aggravate the problem. Most of the time when there is no happy ending, the old man is less than 4 km from his house.

The GPS locator for the elderly with dementia or Alzheimer’s minimizes the risk of ambulation allowing rapid localization in case of loss.

The location can be consulted from a mobile phone, tablet or computer connected to the Internet.

Before acquiring a locator for an elder, make sure it meets your needs. Many economic alternatives use technologies that may not be useful in certain circumstances, such as Bluetooth locators.

Why is it good to use a GPS locator for the elderly?

When someone in our family is likely to get lost, have memory problems, Alzheimer’s, senile dementia, or other illness, a GPS locator is a purchase that gives us peace of mind.

Having our loved ones located at all times may be the best option for cases in which time does not allow us to be constantly watching a person. With these locators, we can take away worries, knowing at all times where the person who carries it is.

Below we detail the main functions of a GPS locator:

  • Presence of a microphone.
  • “SOS” device or button.
  • Presence of a SIM card (without communication with the satellite, provides GSM communication).
  • Protector against bad weather for the device.
  • It allows us to track the user’s movement on the map, as well as keep the connection at a distance.

Types of gadgets we can find

A GPS tracker can be shaped like a bracelet or bracelet, pendant, watch, phone or a special portable device.

Phone locator: these types of phones are equipped with large buttons and a powerful and durable battery. It is important to ensure that you have lighting and a “help” (SOS) function with mechanical buttons, to facilitate access for the elderly. They generally allow you to accept or reject a call in an action.

Wristwatch with GPS locator: it has a built-in telephone, an “SOS” button, and some models have a wrist extraction sensor (so we know if the user keeps wearing the watch or not.).
Many of the models come equipped with a sensor to measure the pulse and detect a sharp drop.

GPS locator pendant: it is one of the smallest and simplest accessories. It has a relief button, a GPS module to locate the location and a drop sensor that detects the position of the body and automatically sends an emergency signal to the caregiver or responsible person.

Portable device: incorporates an emergency mechanical button and a cover to avoid water and dirt, such as dust. It has a very powerful battery and when the battery runs out it notifies the tutor with an SMS.

What is and how does a GPS locator geared towards an older person work?

The operation of this device is quite simple. The device receives data through communication with the satellites about the user’s location, so the range is not limited. With the help of a SIM card inserted, the location is transferred to family members.

The notice with the data of the elderly person can occur through:

-SMS sending

If we need to know the exact place where the user is, we simply have to send a short message to the SIM card that is inserted in the tracker.

The device will send the reply message to the family with the exact GEO data and a link to the map (Google) with the marking point where it is located.

This type of warning is a very economical way in terms of energy consumption, that is, the GPS tracker works in this mode using a normal phone, so it is not necessary to use a smartphone.

-Online monitoring system connected to a GPS tracker

Caregivers can track the older person using a computer, smartphone or tablet application. It can also be done on all devices at once.

They are characterized by their high power consumption, we must also have an Internet connection on the SIM card that is inserted in the tracking device. We can always carry out all the settings remotely using SMS commands.

What should I look for when choosing a GPS locator for the elderly?

Mainly, these devices differ in form. An important aspect that we have to take into account is the capacity (ex: duration) of the device’s battery. Other components that we must value is the material of the made. For example, the most expensive devices barely consume energy and work much faster and more accurately.

Other factors that we can assess are the additional features such as the drop sensor or acceleration measurement detector, which, in the case of a sharp change in the position of the locator, will be notified via an emergency SMS. A waterproof case is also a good option, it serves as protection in adverse weather conditions.

In some GPS models, we can use a GEO perimeter (fencing) to establish the border territory, so when leaving the marked area the tracker will send a warning message.

Some important things to remember

  • When the battery is close to depletion the device will inform the user.
  • The device is not a mobile phone, so it does not adversely affect the person using it.
  • You can see more types of locators oriented to the elderly in different categories.
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