Interventions for preventing fall in older people living alone

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Interventions for preventing fall in older people living alone


As the people grow older, the risk of fall increases tremendously. These falls can be fatal or non – fatal.

So, here we have listed some of the interventions which must be adopted to prevent falls.

  • Exercises – This is the best method to prevent falls among the people living alone. It has been noticed that the people who do regular exercise are less likely to get injured. This reduces the chances of fracture.
  • Home safety –This is one of the most important among the elderly who are more likely to fall. Home Safety must be taken at the first priority in order to reduce the risk of falls. Anti – Slip shoes must be worn under icy and slippery conditions.
  • Vitamin D treatment –Those who have lesser vitamin D content in their blood must have the food rich in vitamin D content.
  • Foot exercise –The people who suffers from foot pain, fractures, and have difficulty in moving their foot must do ankle and foot exercises in order to reduce the number of falls.

This method helps to your foot function normally.

  • Hip protectors –Hip protector reduces the chances of hip fracture to a greater extent. This ultimately results in better protection from falls.


Some Nursing Interventions:

Nursing Interventions include risk for injury, acute pain, Activity intolerance, risk of infection.

  • Risk for injuryThis is related to increased activity.

* It must include massage to eliminate fatigue in legs.

* This also includes compete explanation to patients about the cause of pains and the methods to prevent it.

  • Acute Pain –This is related to fatigue. This is generally implemented to reduce dizziness and headaches.

This includes –

* Explanation about the cause of headache and dizziness.

* Explanation about the various side effects of having large quantity of medicines.

* Head/ neck /shoulder massage.

* Explanation of relaxation techniques.

  • Activity intolerance – This is done to make elderly do their regular activities.

It includes –

* Complete review of daily exercises.

* Teaching and sitting before beginning to stand and walk.

  • Risk for infection –This is done to maintain the state of immunity.

It includes –

* Explanation about proper hygiene.

* Explanation about healthy diet.

* Explanation about adequate of proper minerals and vitamins.

Prevention of falls among older people

Prevention of falls among older people

Items for Assessment for Frail Elderly People
Prevention of falls among older people

So, don’t leave your confidence. And, try to have a safe surrounding.

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