Implementing Man Down System / Lone Worker Safety (A10002)

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Implementing Man Down System / Lone Worker Safety (A10002)

Implmenting Man Down System / Lone Worker Safety (A10002B) A lone worker is someone who performs an activity that is carried out in isolation from other workers without close or direct supervision. Such staff may be exposed to risk because there is no-one to assist them. The seriousness of the issue can be understood by these facts. According to International data corporation (IDC) 1.3 billion people work in a remote area around the globe and 53 million are lone workers in the USA, Canada, and Europe only. This raises the concern of safety for these workers, the common issues are slip or fall, trips, vehicle collision, electrical fires, and chemical exposure. As per the report of the International labor organization, 6300 people die due to work-related incidents or diseases and 317 million occupational incident occurs annually.

Looking at these facts if we see in organizations, they are mostly using manual methods rather than going for the modern solution. Firstly, in this article, we will talk about currently used methods, secondly the risk assessment tool that organization should use to understand the level of risk related to particular job than to ensure the safety of lone workers by adopting latest technology so in last we will suggest modern technology that helps organization to eliminate these issues.

Currently, how does the company Ensure lone worker safety:

  • Personal Protective Equipment’s (PPEs): Organizations currently are providing personal protective equipment (PPEs) to lone workers which help them in the work. For example, if a lone worker is doing electricity related work, the organization will provide them safety glasses, face shields, hard hats, safety shoes, insulating gloves, and other safety tools.
  • Regular visit and frequent communication: If a lone worker is working in a remote area, the organization visit them regularly to see how he is working. Similarly, daily communication is also done through radio and phones.
  • Emergency alarms: Its placed in the premises of the organization, a lone worker can activate this when he is feeling any danger.
  • Non-verbal Cues: Another most common way is to place signs on the dangerous areas. For example, when the floor is wet, there is a sign placed there. However, overuse of signs also leads to accidents where lone work doesn’t understand the meaning of the signs. That’s why the organization must give them proper knowledge about signs.
  • Automatic warning system: It’s an automatic system that sends warnings when fire or explosion happens. It’s one of the common tools that almost every organization uses.

PET Analysis: It’s a risk assessment tool that helps to understand the risk related to the job of lone workers. PET Analysis has three components, People, Environment and task.

  • People: the organization must see the history of violence, aggression or criminal activities of a lone worker. do they have any health issues? They must also see their experience of working alone.
  • Environment: In that organization must look for what is the risk associated with the environment. Does phone work where lone workers are going, are they working on height and other issues related to the environment.
  • Task: what is the risk related to the task of lone workers such as dealing with cash, enforcing a rule, working with chemicals or another complex task.

After doing this analysis company goes for a modern solution like one described below. iHelp is the full package solution that can help the organization to cope up with the issues that lone workers are facing.

Technology to Ensure Lone worker Safety:

If we see a lone worker do not want anyone to supervise them, they want to enjoy their freedom by working alone and at the same time, they demand safety and security. Looking at this situation technology is the only solution that is better than currently used manual methods as well. The one-point solution is provided by the ihelp-man down system which is the world’s smallest 3G GPS tracker device. It a small device so lone workers will not feel irritated while carrying the device. It also has the GPS tracker which sends continuously location to the organization. It has an amazing super accurate falling detection system when a person falls it automatically sends the message with location to the organization to take immediate measures which can save lone worker’s life. Apart from that is has a button on the device when a person feels any danger, he can press the button and it sends the location to the management. Its two-way communication enables you to talk with lone workers whenever you want to and have continuous information.

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