How to Successfully Implement Man Down System (A10004)

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How to Successfully Implement Man Down System (A10004)

How to Successfully Implement Man Down System (A10004B) Today safety of lone workers is a rising issue and for that organization have tradition methods (manual) as well as modern methods(automatic). If we talk about the traditional methods, they are the time-consuming, labor-intensive and inefficient strategy. For example, a worker has to recheck everything manually before working on the job. Traditional methods include an alarm system, using a radio communicational system, giving the protection tool and other similar measures they were focusing on a single job. On the other hand, the cost of these measures is high. However, if we see the other side of the coin, modern solutions to lone workers are becoming pretty much common and organizations are adopting it more day by day. According to statistics, the lone worker solutions market is going to hit 260 million in Europe and north camera alone by 2022. These modern solutions provide many features like GPS tracking, provide communication channels, man down system and other important features that reduce the risk associated with loan workers. The advantages of these solutions are easy to use, cost-effective compare to old methods and provide a one-point solution.

But now the question arises what should be the critical success factor you should look for while choosing the lone worker solutions. In this article we are going to show you what are the important success factor you should look for while choosing lone workers solutions:

Pre-Purchase Critical Success Factors:

  • Automatic Alert System: If we see in old methods alert doesn’t provide full information which not reflect the seriousness of the situation, therefore we should choose a lone worker solution that not only sends the alert through message but also send location in a message and make a call to relevant supervisor. It should also include the man down the system if your workers are working in high places.
  • Wearable and accessible: The major part that plays in the success of a lone worker solution is when an employee does not feel irritated while doing its work. So, if the device is comfortable to wear so there are more chances that a lone worker will use it. Accessibility is also an important feature. When an employee is in a dangerous situation, they have very little time to react therefore it should be accessible in the fraction of a second.
  • Customization: Each industry has its own potential risk associated with the lone workers. Therefore, look for those solutions which you can modify according to your business. Like you need a solution that can send an alert alarm to a particular person, or you can set a particular location if a person leaves from there a message will be delivered to you. So, look for a solution that can be customized as per your need and can provide optimum security to your lone workers.
  • Management control: Organization should look for a solution which provides them full control over the features of the solution. For example, lone worker solution devices should have the smartphone app which provides like the location of the lone worker, similarly, an organization can see where their lone workers were working in the past. By providing full control they can ensure the safety of lone workers.
  • Integrated System: Try to buy those solutions which can be integrated with your current system or which will help you to integrate with solutions you are going to buy in the future. By combining all the devices, you can create a full-proof system that will surely help your organization to reduce the incidents related to lone workers.

Post Purchase Critical Success Factors:

  • Develop policy: Develop a clear policy regarding the lone workers and communicate with the lone workers. It must include clear instructions about each job that the lone worker is doing and emphasize on the use of safety solutions.
  • Training: lone workers’ safety solutions come up with so many features that’s why it’s important for an organization to train the employees on how they can use these features effectively. Similarly, during training organization should try to break any barrier which employee is having with the use of these solutions.
  • Carrot and stick approach: the organization should provide incentives to those who are strictly following the safety policy and are using the lone worker’s solutions properly. On the other hand, there should be punishment for those who are going against the policy.
  • Look back: the organization should look back from time to time and see the performance after the implementation of lone workers’ solution. If solutions have brought amazing results than try to maintain it. However, if the result is not encouraging you should start from the first point mention in the article and try to figure out what is the problem.

In conclusion, we suggest the mantra for the success of a lone worker’s solution depends upon two things. Firstly, in the pre-purchase step try to find solutions that are the best fit for your organization. Secondly, in post-purchase, you must develop effective policy, train the workers and use the carrot and stick approach to get fruitful results. So, these were the critical success factors to implement the lone worker’s solutions.

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