How to Find a GPS Tracker in Your Car in 5 Steps

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How to Find a GPS Tracker in Your Car in 5 Steps

How to Find a GPS Tracker in Your Car in 5 Steps

We have seen in movies like James bond, mission impossible and sherlock homes, someone tries to bug the car by placing GPS tracker in the car to have second to second information of the targeted person. Hidden vehicle trackers are tiny devices that rely on the global positioning SYSTEM (GPS) and cellular networks to keep tabs on the location position of a car or truck in real-time. While not all GPS car trackers are designed to be hidden, most are small enough that they can easily go unnoticed to the untrained and unsuspecting eye. Many of these devices can even be used to keep an eye out for the movements of where and when a person may be leaving out from his house or where he may be heading off to. Now you might be thinking about yourself, how you will know that someone has bugged your vehicle? Here are five steps you can do to find a GPS tracker in your Car.

Step 1: Search Exterior of the Car

The best way to find a GPS tracker in your car is to start from looking at the exterior of the car such as undercarriage, wheels, inside the bumper and inspect the roof. The reason behind looking exterior first is because someone may have placed it outside of a car when you have parked the car somewhere. And mostly these GPS trackers have a magnet so it can be placed easily undercarriage, inside bumper or even on the roof.

Step 2: Search for Interior of the car

There are chances that someone close to you may want to spy on you and track your daily activities so he/she can place GPS tracker inside that car as well. Therefore, the second step to look inside the car carefully in places like inside under hoisters, dashboard, back of the car, under the seats and carpets. You can also check the data port as well as the spots like USB ports and stuff. If there’s any USB injected already even if it’s your own, take it out. If you have a foldable audio system in your car or an automatic one, just pop it open via the option and try to check if there is any weird device attached to it from the inside. Know that if the tracker is installed on the interior than it will be hard to spot so make sure u look keenly and check out for any wires coming out the board or deck of your car which were not exposed before.

Step 3: Take Someone’s help

If you are not able to track GPS Tracker inside and outside of the car so it’s a time to take help from someone. We all have a friend who considers himself/herself a detective, take help from them to track the GPS tracker. You can also take help from your local mechanics because who else can know better about cars than mechanics. Lastly, you can hire a professional for this work which will surely be helpful.

Step 4: Using (SPY993) GPS/SPY Camera RF Dual Signal Detector:

This one is strongly recommended item to buy if you’re obvious that someone may have planted a tracking device in your car or may have exploited some sort of camera to record everything you’re saying while driving your car around, SPY933 is a compact GPS as well as SPY camera that works as efficiently as a pro, can be used to find out every single inch of your car’s interior and exterior as well, just within a single scan! This detector comes along with a built-in 1500 MAH battery that keeps it running and assures an A level security to you and your car both without making u suffer from charging prompts all the time. It can detect any suspicious frequency within the range of 1MHZ -to 8000MHZ making it one of the most reliable products out there which one can get to make his mind clear about any doubt for a tracker in his car. Not only that but this detector is also wireless that gives it an advantage to not get in your hands or mess around much while you’re scanning your ride. Due to its compact size, you can even keep it around anywhere in your car to use it whenever you need it. In short, this is a complete protection pack at your very hand!

Step 5: Call the Cops and Future Measures:

Most likely if you follow the above steps you will find a GPS tracker if someone has placed in your car. Firstly, do not touch the GPS tracker it may carry fingerprints of the suspect. Secondly, call the local police and report what just happened to you. Lastly, in the future do not park your car in an open area, try to check your car physically daily or you can buy a GPS tracker which will help you for a long time.

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