EA037 – OMG Wireless Emergency Panic Call Button with Wearable Button for Home/Personal (3 call buttons + 3 receivers)

  • 3 Pagers and 3 Call Buttons, the idea is for Patient/Elderly/Resident/Handicapped to be able to call for help at home instead of yelling for someone’s attention
  • Transmitter/Push Call Button is Waterproof. Acceptable for Meal/Soup Splash. And allow to be installed in the toilet
  • Transmitter/Push Call Button is easy to carry. It can be put into the pocket. Or hang onto neck as a pendant. Neck strap is included. Fixed in Bedside/Toilet. The fixed bracket and double sticker are included
  • Pager/Chime Unit has 55 Ring Tones for Your Choice. Operating Range is 500+ Feet in open Area. 5 Level Adjustable Volume From 0db to 110db. Easy Use (Plug and Play) Plug the Receiver into an Electrical Outlet

Product Description

Wireless caregiver pager easily installed with waterproof IP55 Plug-in and play.

Modern & stylish design
Easy installation
Approx. 500+ feet operation range (open air)
5 Levels of volume
IP55 Waterproof
55 Ringtones. The default ringtone is “Ding-Dong”.
Low power consumption

Working voltage of Receiver: 110-260V
Battery in Transmitter: 12V 23A Alkaline battery
Working distance: 1000ft In open area.

The transmitter requires a 23A 12V Alkaline battery which is already included and not rechargeable. The Receiver plugs into a wall outlet and requires no battery.

Technical Details







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