Elderly Care: How can we avoid falls?

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Tips: Screening and assessing the risk of falling

Elderly Care: How can we avoid falls?

Elderly Care: How can we avoid falls?According to a report from US Centers for disease control and prevention, it has been noted that one – third of the people, in the age group of 65 and above, fall more than once each year.

Falls can lead to following problems:

  • Bruising and Sprains
  • Abrasions and head injuries
  • Shoulder and hip dislocation
  • Wrist and hip fractures
  • Falling fear which results into restriction of activities and loss of confidence.

It has been noted that, older people have a falling rate of 12 times more as compared to that of pedestrian and motor vehicle accident.

Can we prevent falls?

Yes, falls can be prevented. Falls are evitable. Most of the risk factors can be changed easily. If a person has an injury or has a fall, then it is necessary to consult a doctor for that in order to prevent anything severe.

“Prevention is better than cure.”

How can we avoid falls?

In order to avoid falls, following things must be implemented:

Exercise: To avoid falls, you must keep yourself fit and fine. To become fit and fine, exercise is must. You can join various kinds of exercise programs nearby your house. You can also watch and learn various kinds of yoga, and exercises online, and implement those things in your daily routine.

Wear Shoes: You must wear fit and comfortable shoes. It should be slip resistant.

How can we improve safety inside our house?

  • Make sure that the corridors are clear and well lit.
  • Remove clutter if any.
  • Have a proper lighting in your home. Make sure that all the places of your home have a proper lighting. You can use CFL, plug – in night lights, movement sensitive lights.
  • Make sure that the furniture of your home is not having sharp edges / corners.
  • Make sure that all the doors of your house can be opened and closed comfortably.
  • Wipe up spills.
  • Make sure that your house should have proper safety measures. Like having alarm system, fire extinguisher or fire blanket.
  • You must have proper medical kit (safety kit) in your home.
  • Make sure that the beds and chairs of your home are sturdy.

How to improve safety outside our home?

  • Kill lichen, fungi, and mosses that make the path slippery.
  • Try to keep the path well slept.
  • Wear hat and sunglasses in order to avoid sun glare.
  • Repair cracked, broken, and uneven paths.
  • Make sure that the outside steps are well lit.
  • Clear off the garden tools.

Stay Healthy

  • Have eye check up within a month or two.
  • In case of foot related problems, meet your podiatrist within regular intervals.
  • Consult a doctor or other health professionals about your diet and other related issues.
  • “Healthy diet is a key to healthy mind.”

Things to remember in case you fall:

  • Do not panic. Stay calm.
  • Call for help!
  • Dial 911 (emergency services) for help if needed.
  • Try to call your neighbors or your doctor.

If you can get up and handle the situation on your own:

  • Get into a crawling position.
  • Crawl to a safe place.
  • Try to get up on your feet. In case you can’t handle the situation:
  • Try to move to the safe place.
  • Make loud noise so that the people nearby you can hear it, and you can ask them for help.
  • If nobody hears you then try to relax yourself, and try to get up again later.
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