Body Worn Camera Singapore – Public Order Act

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Body Worn Camera Singapore – Public Order Act

The Public Order Act in Singapore sets out the rules and regulations for the maintenance of public order in the country. Under the Act, the police have the power to use reasonable force to maintain public order, including the power to use BWCs to record their interactions with the public.
According to the Act, BWCs may be used by police officers to record incidents of public disorder, including demonstrations, protests, and other gatherings that may pose a threat to public order. The Act also allows police officers to use BWCs to record the actions and statements of individuals involved in public disorder incidents.
The Act sets out the rules for the storage and handling of BWC footage, including the requirement that footage must be stored securely and only accessed by authorized personnel. It also specifies that BWC footage may be used as evidence in court proceedings related to public order incidents.
Overall, the use of BWCs by the Singapore Police Force under the Public Order Act is intended to enhance transparency and accountability, and to provide a reliable record of police interactions with the public during incidents of public disorder.
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