Advantages of using Police Body Warn Camera

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Advantages of using Police Body Warn Camera

Advantages of using police body-worn Camera

Body Warn Camera is also known as BWV (Body Worn Video) serves as a wearable video, audio, or photographic recording system specially designed for police officers. Such type of cameras has a limited range of uses and designs, which is uniquely used as a part of police equipment. Except police use, these cameras are also used in various industries like commerce, healthcare, medical use, in military use, civilians can also use worn cameras, and journalism. A report of Nascent shows mixed evidence as to the impact of worn cameras on the use of force by communities and law enforcement’s trust in police.

BWCs are specially designed to be equipped in one of three body parts, such as the torso, helmet, or in glasses. Some cameras come with live streaming features, while others are focused on local storage similar to Digital Voice Recorders. Several organizations, including Evaluation Center and National Criminal Justice Technology Research (NJTR) have conducted several surveys on the body cameras to help out organizations in purchasing the best of them. However, the study describes the device optics, functionality, GPS, audio, and other categories.

These cameras are used in different fields, and their names are the following:

Law Enforcement

Body Worn Cameras are specially crafted for police and other law enforcement to maintain peace all over the city or across the world. However, these cameras are intended to enhance the interactions between the civilians and the police officers. Therefore, the first generation of new police body-worn cameras was released around 2005 in the UK. However, it is followed from 2014 onwards by a large scale implementation in the US to increase police accountability and transparency. After that, many other countries have followed the same footsteps and involved themselves in on-going trend. Very early studies highlight the positive impact, but replications have mixed reviews. The result has been displayed some different reports depending on the local context and the guidelines of the body cameras. Lots of challenges are including:

    • Training
    • Privacy
    • Storage
    • Use of Recording
    • Judicial System

Military Combat

Both body-worn and helmet cameras are used in the military organization. However, videos can either be stored locally or streamed live back to the command center or outpost of the military.

Here are some advantages of Police Body-Worn Cameras you would like to read

According to the police officers who use these cameras say that they create accountability and transparency to reduce the anti-police violence. Additionally, they noted that body cameras offer evidence they need to prove or disproves the misconduct allegations and they are an excellent tool for police training and also to provide protection and support to public. Against forces of police use the body cameras say that the worn cameras affected negatively on both physical and mental health of the users by overburdening them with such type of equipment and the stress of constant video recording. Let’s come to the point and discuss the advantages of Police body-worn cameras.

Public Safety

Inevitably, people are over the world behave differently when they come to know that they are being filmed. Therefore, police body cameras can encourage the ethical behavior of police officers ahead public and this rule is also applied in public, leading to the decrease in crime rate, making the use of force incidents and fend off the people who attack on-duty officers. According to study in Rialto, the ratio of crime 50% decreases just because of police body-worn cameras during the first trial police body cameras. Amazingly, the complaints against officers automatically fell from 28 to 3 during the year of trial.

Protection of Police Officers from False Accusations and Misconduct

As I mentioned above, Police Body Won Camera (in short PBWC) provides both audio and video evidence that can be verified what went wrong in the given time. Such type of technology is beneficial for both parties such as Police Officers and Public. Any police officers can be monitor using this technology who misbehaved with any civilian, while any person from public will be captured who try to make false allegations on any police officers. We count it one of the best advantages because it is safe for both parties. Several police officers in those countries where this technology is available punished the police officers as well as public due to wrongly behavior.

An excellent tool for learning and have brilliant support from Public

After two advantages, there’s third in which the video which is recorded from Police Body-Worn Cameras can be used to train both existing and new police officers. Therefore, the Miami Police Department has been starting to use this technology and declare a part of police equipment since 2012. Just because of having worn cameras, people are feeling more secure, and the behavior of police has completely changed toward public. Now, they talk with courteous manners and brilliantly. Nowadays, a wide range of Body Warn Cameras is available, including:

  • Mini WIFI GPS/3G/4G Body Worn Camera
  • 3G/4G Wireless Body Camera (BWC004-4G)
  • Mini Body Worn Camera with External Memory (BWC055)
  • Police Body-Worn Camera (BWC004)
  • Recording Body-Worn Camera
  • SD Card Supported Worn Body Camera
  • Secure Mini Body Worn Camera with Encryption + LCD

All of these are lovely body cameras used for extraordinary security, and if you’re looking for having such camera you can visit You can get any product of them at reasonable price. Although it is used by organization, citizens are also allowed to have it for their security. As I mentioned above, there are no adverse reports according to this worn body cameras, but somehow it will affect your physical or maybe mental health. In the world, everything has both advantages and disadvantages, and if we follow the rule then it is confirmed that Police Worn Body Cameras have some advantages too. So here’s a quick list of disadvantages (cons) for you to notice.

  1. These Cameras are unreliable and too expensive
  2. Invade the Privacy of Public, expose Victims, Damage Relationships of Public and Police
  3. Using Cameras, the safety of police is at risk every time.
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