vCare Elderly Home Alone Safety System

vCare Elderly Home Safety System WiFiGSM

vCare is a Elderly Home Security Alarm System, which combines home security, healthy life and elderly care. It transmits alarm information through dual network of Wi-Fi and GSM, simple, safe and fast.

Wherever you are in office, or on a business trip at abroad, vCare is with you. You could know the status of your smart alarm system, monitoring what’s happening in the house, keep close to your parents, even what’s the humidity and temperature indoor and outdoor. vCare make you enjoy a safe and smart life.

Main Functions

1. All the setups through your smart phone Apps, android and iOS App, clearly and easily.
2. It’s able to add maximum 100 users.
3. Comes with 3 SMS text message numbers and 3 call numbers.
4. Comes with 99 wireless zones, 8 fire alarm zones, 8 emergency zones, 8 medical calls, 4 water leakage zones, and 2 wired zones, 20 remote controllers.
5. Adding extra sensors by scanning QR code, it’s more easy and convenient.
6. Two-way communication.
7. With IP Camera moniotoring.
8. Built-in timely arm, disarm and setup home mode function. (maximum 3 different time.)
9. With self-detecting temperature, humidity and be able to setup over-temperature alert.
10. WIFI failure or GSM network failure alert.
11. Door/window open alert.
12. Monitor the status for the sensors.
13. Remind of the sensors with low battery.
14. Delay alarm, delay arm and delay disarm (0 to 99s for optional).
15. The ringing time of the siren is able to DIY setup.(0 to254s or keep warning).
16. With wireless emission function, control 99 wireless sirens.
17. Remote control via text message and phone keypad.
18. With Home mode setting.
19. External power fail or recovery remind function.
20. Siren remind when arming, disarming by remote control.
21. SMS remind when arming, disarming by remote control.


Material: ABS Color: White + red
Power Supply: AC-100-240V 50Hz/60H output: DC12V/1A
FR between panel to sensors/remote controllers: 30 to 50 meters indoor, 100 meters in the open area. Working consumption: <1.2w
GSM network: 900/1800/850/1900mhz
Backup battery: 7.4V/800 mah.
Working condition: Temperature: -20 ℃~ +55℃ Humidity: ≤90% Size: 14.7cm*14.7cm

Smart Phone APP Android & iOS

vCare Mobile Apps

vCare Smart Home Security System WiFiGSM 3
1 Panel, 2 Remote controllers, 1 Panic button, 1 Motion sensor, 1 Door/window magnetic sensor, 1 HD IP camera, 1 Smoke Sensor, 1 Gas Sensor, 1 Water leakage sensor, 1 strobe siren

Base/Gateway Specifications
Housing Materials ABS
Way of alarming WiFi/3G/GPRS network
3G frequency (A) 900/2100MHz
Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n.2.4GHz
Housing Color White + red
Standby Current ≤80mA
Alarm Current <200mA
Receiving Frequency 433MHz
Unobstructed Effective Range (m) 30 -50 meters
Wireless Zones 169
Wired Zones 2
Wired siren 1
SMS Phone Numbers 3
Alarm To User Phone Numbers 3
Sound Recording 10s
Arm/disarm System Smart Phone App, Phone, SMS, Wireless Keyboard
Local Alarm Sound Scale (dB/m) ≥80db
Output Power Supply (V) DV12 1A
Input Power Supply (V) AC100~240
Battery Type Built-in Li-Battery, 7.4V, 800mAh
Battery Working Time (Hours) 7-8
Operating Temperature (°C) -20~+50
Operating Humidity (RH) 95%
Dimensions (L x W x D, mm) 145(L)*145(W)* 30(H)mm


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