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The WhyCry® monitor is a baby cry analyzer:

  • Patented with a success rate of over 87% using light indicators and 98% when compared with the symptoms chart.
  • Recommended by the Spanish Association of Midwives.
  • Clinically tested in Spain, Mexico and Korea.
  • Silver medal in the 8th Galactica 2001 International Trade Fair of Inventions.
  • Featured on NBC, FOX, Discovery Channel.

Product Description:

  • The award-winning WhyCry® Baby Cry Analyzer is an electronic monitor capable of identifying the reasons why a baby is crying.
  • This sound sensitive device is programmed to recognize different pitches and then digitally analyze and transmit the baby’s cry into one of five simple expressions: hungry, bored, annoyed, sleepy or stressed.
  • An essential tool to ensure a calm, happy baby and confident, relaxed parents!
  • The WhyCry® Baby Analyzer does not aim to replace a parent or caregivers natural ability to understand their baby’s needs, but to offer guidance in recognizing the messages that our babies convey to us.
  • The analyzer is NOT a medical instrument, and if a parent is in any doubt about their baby’s health, they should contact their doctor.

WhyCry® – Baby Cry Analyser:

  • The WhyCry® monitor is a baby cry analyzer.
  • The monitor listens to the baby’s crying for 20 seconds then digitally analyses it before indicating why.
  • The device then illuminates one of five crying ‘expressions’ telling you whether the child is hungry, bored, tired, stressed or annoyed.
  • The WhyCry® analyser comes with a comprehensive user guide and a symptoms chart so that once the cry has been translated the chart can then give pointers as to how to rectify the situation.
  • WhyCry® has been clinically tested in Europe, with a success rate of 98% when used in conjunction with the accompanying symptoms chart.
  • An ideal nursery aid for parents, child minders, nannies and carers of young babies.

How WhyCry® Works:

The unit works by analysing the baby’s crying power, frequencies of cry, intervals between crying, and associates the baby’s cry with an established pattern programmed into the unit.
After a 20 second period of analysis it shows the result in a clear and precise way by illuminating one of 5 simple facial expressions: hunger, boredom, discomfort, sleepiness and stress.

Advantages of Using WhyCry®:

  • The baby will be understood and attended to.
  • Parents will have more time to enjoy their baby.
  • The learning and understanding process of the baby will be speeded up.
  • Other child-minders will be able to attend to the baby correctly.

The WhyCry® Features:

  • Advanced frequency analysis technology analyzes a baby’s cry within 20 seconds at the touch of a button.
  • Allows parents and caregivers to fully comprehend their baby’s cries and thus, effectively attend to the child’s immediate concerns, wants and needs.
  • Applies to a multitude of situations and lifestyles, from first time parents to baby sitters and other caregivers.
  • Brightly colored indicator lights light up the baby face icons that correspond to the baby’s needs.
  • Easy to use interpretation notes and easily read indicator icons provide detailed descriptions of the baby’s emotional or physiological state and offer care suggestions.

The WhyCry® device is accompanied with:

  • A book called: “Understanding your baby will stimulate its development”.
  • Velcro adjustable strap, easily attaches to cribs, strollers, etc.
  • Portable, can be easily carried around or attached to a belt.
  • Stylish and compact design.
  • Manual in English.
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