Wireless Elderly Emergency Button

Wireless Elderly Emergency Button
Low Cost Solution

The Wireless Elderly Emergency Button provides affordable and effective CordLess® / wireless monitoring. Ideal for hospitals, nursing homes & residential homes. Can also be used as a portable caregiver alert monitor in a group hospital environment.

Easy To Use

The Economy CordLess® Alarm is simple to use. The Central Monitoring Unit can be placed at the nurse’s station to alert caregivers when residents are in need of assistance. Caregivers can monitor multiple devices at a central location simultaneously. This CordLess® Fall Prevention Alarm works with nurse call buttons, motion sensors, and the CordLess® Weight Sensing Pressure Pads and Floor Mats.

Remove Noise From The Room

Caregivers are easily notified with bright blinking light that can be seen from a distance. The gentler chime won’t startle residents or disturb others and offers QUIETER fall prevention. Place monitor outside resident’s room for an even quieter solution.
USA ProductFeatures

  • Affordable and effective wireless monitoring.
  • Easy set up and operation.
  • Adjustable volume – the fall prevention alarm has a low, medium and high volume adjustment and gentle chime setting.
  • The Central Monitor can be placed at the nurse’s station to alert caregivers when residents are in need of assistance.
  • Alarms at nurses’ station or other central location audibly and display indicates which resident originated the alarm
  • Caregiver is simultaneously notified on caregiver pager.
  • Nurse call button allows resident to call caregiver at any time, push-button activation transmits signal to the Central Monitor and caregiver pager simultaneously, can be mounted to headboard or worn with lanyard.
  • Functions with call button, motion señsor and CordLess® pressure pads and floor mats – Up to fourty (40) items / call buttons can be used with one alarm.

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