EA005 – OMG Wireless Driveway Alert

Wireless Driveway Alert - 1

This wireless driveway alarm system alerts you when a vehicle or a person arrives on your property at the driveway. The outdoor sensor is designed to operate wirelessly with great sensitivity. The alert system is ideal for monitoring vehicles in both home and business settings upon entering and exiting. Multiple types of transmitters are available for your selection.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Each set includes one sensor and one receiver
  • RF wireless transmission, 868MHz or 915 MHz
  • Transmit range up to 300m / 1,000ft in open field line of sight
  • Random pairing code to avoid interference
  • Comply with FCC, CE, RED and RoHS requirements
Wireless Receiver 
  • Simple DIY set up with sensors / transmitters
  • Unit can pair with 16 transmitters / sensors
  • Clear and loud alert sound
  • 32 melodies / sounds to be selected for each transmitters / sensors
  • Power on / off and adjustable volume control
  • Low battery indicator
  • Uses 12V / 300mA power switiching adaptor 100-240 VAC (included) or DC 6V 4pcs AAA batteries (not included) as back up,
Driveway Alert Sensor 
  • Detect motion up to 12m
  • Includes narrow aperture lens to reduce the detection distance and to narrow the detection angle
  • LED indicator inside the unit that shows it is working during set up
  • Adjustable sensitive level to ignore false alarms and small animals
  • Circuit broad covers with ‘Moisture-free’ coating to prevent short circuit
  • Operation temperature -10 to 40 C
  • Includes sun shades to eliminate false alarms from moving brushes and direct light
  • Transmits low battery signal to receiver
  • Low power consumption
  • Uses DC 6V 4pcs AA sized batteries (not included)

Wireless Driveway Alert - 2

Wireless Driveway Alert - 3

Wireless Driveway Alert - 4

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