Top 10 Best Hidden SPY Cameras for Monitor Maid / Domestic Helper

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Top 10 Best Hidden SPY Cameras for Monitor Maid / Domestic Helper

Top 10 Best Hidden SPY Cameras for Monitor Maid / Domestic Helper

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Due to the increasing trend of Maids and domestic helpers at our homes. We have seen issues like maids abusing kids, feeding them improper food, involving in theft and others. Hence the need for residential and business CCTV systems is higher than ever before. It has become important for us to maintain certain checks and balances. Among many alternatives, the best alternative is to have CCTV cameras at our homes. However, the question arises about what kind of CCTV camera is best for you considering factors like budget, features, and ease of use.

OMG Super Night vision WIFI USB Charger Camera (SPY306)

With the changes in the Modern Era, everyone wants to be having optimized ways of dealing with situations. And what else can be more compact than a camera for your security about the size of a charger which you can use even at night times with absolutely zero percent chances of worrying? Yes, the SPY306 Camera comes along with a really handy size as well as quite a simple interface. Its sleek design makes it essential for certain environments and keeps it undetectable at the same time. What’s more? It even has a super night vision mode! To make sure you’re sleeping with complete peace!. It can be charged with any normal USB Charger which we use for our mobile phones hence you can use it anytime, anywhere.

OMG WIFI Clock Camera (SPY297)

What is a security camera for if it can not blend up along with the environment around it? It can only provide an insane level of security if the intruder or a person who’s got any intention of doing harm to your property or kids does not notice where it is. At such points, SPY297 does its job. It’s got the size of an actual radio speaker which makes it absolutely undetectable. It is activated and kept in control via the WIFI system that keeps it active and makes sure all your data is synced, not only that but it also stamps the videos which it records with the actual date and time at which they were produced or recorded. It also comes along with some great entertainment features which you can use to cheer up the moment with feeling completely secure such as Bluetooth: so you can play music on it and keep your boredom away, and inbuilt radio: so you can play different stations at any spot and keep the occasion lit!. In short words, this is a pack of entertainment combined with security at its best!.

OMG 4K WIFI Router Camera (SPY296)

Wifi has become so common in every house these days, it’s one of those intellectual things which are one important part of any place be it residential, office, or any temporary spot. Though, did you know that even a normal-looking WIFI can provide you security like no other? That’s right, with SPY296. You can enjoy WIFI nonstop while also feeling secure at the same time and being aware of all your surroundings as well. It can record up videos up to 4K resolution for giving you that super edge you need in making sure everything remains under your control while also remaining off the eyes of anyone at the spot. It can be controlled by both an android device as well as an IOS smartphone so that leaves it handy for any normal person to easily figure it out. It also has an SD card slot for extra storage which can be extended up to 128 Gb making sure you’ve just enough to avail any type of data that you want to be recorded with it. Its sleek wifi router design makes it something absolutely undetectable as well. Just put it at any spot of your room, office, or public spot and have a full overview of the whole occasion without any effort!

OMG WIFI Bluetooth Speaker SPY Hidden Camera (SPY263)

Music is an important part of anyone’s life nowadays. People listen to it at work, when they’re bored at home, at special occasions and events. Music in the air everywhere in this modern Era. Be it teenagers or old people, everyone has their choice for it. For music players, Bluetooth speakers have been introduced quite back in time and have been at the peak of its sale nowadays since you can use them anywhere at any time by connecting via your phone or laptop in order to play your favorite music. Though at the same time, something as common as this can be used perfectly for security purposes too and that’s when SPY263 makes its entrance. It’s a Bluetooth connected music player which can be used as a security camera at the same time while not splitting a single second for entertaining yourself. It can record up to 4k resolution videos making sure you have the perfect quality for your recordings, alongside giving you the most amazing experience of music with its Doblas Atmos music surrounding system. This is one secure way of entertaining yourself, your family members or your office mates.

OMG HD 1080P Cylinder Security Wi-Fi Camera (SPY204)

Wifi, as I stated earlier, has become a part of a daily basis in human life these days and can be used for essential security at the same time. Though SPY204 takes it to another level with this amazing rotating camera Cylinder Security WIFI camera that comes with an insane amount of features! Let’s talk about its camera first which is a rotating 1080p recording camera which allows the user to put this anywhere at his desired spot and get a whole 360 view of it without any worries. It comes along with a 5000mah battery which is quite huge for a camera indeed giving it a longer duration to stay active than normal cameras. It also comes with a few sleek features for letting you have more info about your environment such as the temperature scaler or the humidity teller app built inside it. In short, this camera is like a roundabout of a flying drove. You can even watch its videos live as it can stream for hours and hours continuously without any break due to its huge battery size., it’s compact for both usage at any spot be it commercial, office, or home!.

OMG WIFI Charger Camera (SPY165)

With all the talks about security through WiFi in the aforesaid products. We’ve made it quite obvious that how you can have yourself a great level of security even while using WIFI as you do on normal basis, but what if I told you there’s even a more secret way of how you can keep an eye at everyone you want within the room or at any spot you seek? This is why SPY165 is quite famous for, instead of security your WI-FI it secures the charger of it to give you that little edge while you’re spectating the environment around you. It can record on different basis of quality such as 1080p, 640p or even 240p as per the person’s desire, not only that but it can also do its job as a wifi charger quite efficiently making sure you don’t lose a single drop of WIFI, assuring the quality of your video on WIFI and security levels both remain amazingly insane! This is a great choice for getting an angle at mid perspective to have a bit of more closer look at things while you enjoy your daily life stuff at the same time.

OMG Hidden Spy Book Camera (SPY004)

If you’re someone who is usually surrounded with dozens of files everywhere in his office, or you work at a library where you want to assure security without people getting offended about their privacy being disturbed than SPY004 is all that you’re going to need. Now you must be wondering what’s so special about this camera that makes it unique and so undetectable? It’s the sleek design of it and the perfect reflexing of materials that allows it to remain intact with any book at any spot, while also giving you a view of every angle from every corner without the worries of your business or office running into a private conversation. It comes with a 10,000 mah battery that is probably the strongest one among all the devices we’ve stated above, giving you more time to record and keep the camera active to make your surroundings safer and better, but that’s not all about this sleek little gadget right here. It also comes along with a no-light night vision technology assuring the best quality of video even when the camera is active at night!, multiple functions for diverse use, SD card supported up to 128 GB and loop mode recording for some real quick shots without stutter! This is all that you can ask for your security when it comes to managing it out!.

OMG 4K WIFI Power Bank Camera (SPY175)

Power problem has been an issue in Pakistan and so many other states recently since the outrage of electricity usually is beyond the top nowadays, and in such time mobiles as well as laptops have become quite hard to be controlled as the Android system drains charging like water. Tho in such cases people usually refer to Powerbanks for keeping their phones alive even when there is no power source around or the electricity has been cut off. They’re quite essential and plus you can carry them anywhere around anytime to keep your phone alive and never miss out on any important emails or calls. But, what if you could have that Powerbanks converted into a power source of your security as well? SPY175 stands out at this point for that. It’s got an HD 4k resolution camera on it that assures an insane level of quality at the same time while not disturbing you with your work either! It’s a perfect thing that can blend along with your environment quite good as well without letting people know what it actually is. It’s perfect for threats of Maids and the way they bully your kids these days. Just plug it in and leave it on charging to let it keep an eye for you while you’re doing your own stuff at any room of the house! It’s got some amazing features in it as well such as motion capture camera to detect any threat when it’s roaming around in the place you put this at, an amazing night vision view too to keep things bright even at times when it’s no light outside, though all of that can not work unless it’s for a good battery so this little CCTV comes with a 10,000 mah battery fully packed and powered to keep everyone under the eye of its camera all the time!.

OMG Mini Wireless WIFI Spy Hidden Pinhole Camera (SPY032)

While speaking of security and cameras, and about how you can dodge them from people’s eyes to make sure everything remains hidden and they don’t really notice what’s going on or if you’re having an eye at them, we can never forget about the pinhole camera can we!? The one and only type of camera that you can have around any part of your shirt, jeans, body, and jet nobody will be able to spot it out. This little officer in your outfit can is packed with a battery enough to keep it active and recording for over 70 straight hours! It’s insane how such a small thing can compact so much power, but that is not what this Lil thing possesses only. It comes along with a 1080p motion detection camera that makes sure every single act being done in its environment is noticed and recorded just precisely to make sure every angle remains under your control when you’re wearing it around, it’s sleek design makes it literally invisible to anybody you’re having it in front of which gives you an advantage on assuring security of your kids, family members, or office workmates and lookout for people who are wanting to harm your property, kids, or you yourself. It’s controlled by WIFI that makes Its interface and settings a lot earlier to be managed even while you’re away from it. So if you want to look classy while also making sure everything remains under your eye, this is just the thing for you!

OMG WIFI Network Bluetooth Speaker Camera (SPY208)

SPY208 gives you yet another option to entertain yourself while also making sure no one dares to make a suspicious move on you or your surroundings to hurt anyone or anything, as it’s beautiful design never lets it get in the eye of anybody. Yes, that’s right, SPY208 is a wifi connected camera that is joint with a Bluetooth music speaker so that it can assure entertainment, while security both at its very peak. You can put it anywhere literally or even give it to your kids while they’re playing to make sure you have an eye on them to keep everything intact and assure their security level is always set to high. It comes along with an HD recording camera that makes sure not to break any pixels but also assures to break the intentions of those who think they can sleekly slide into your property with any bad intention or bad deed. This thing supports SD card up to 128 GB for assuring you have just the storage that is needed for enjoying both your music as well as the videos you record with your cam. It is one amazing way to actually have every angle covered up even while being absolutely careless because this bad boy will keep everything just under its eye of a camera for you!

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