Hidden Cameras: How to find them in a Bathroom, Bedroom and Public Changing Room

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Hidden cameras: How to find them in a bathroom, bedroom

Hidden Cameras: How to find them in a Bathroom, Bedroom and Public Changing Room

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Hidden cameras in the bathroom, bedrooms and public changing rooms are becoming serious issues in the world. These videos are uploaded without the knowledge of victims and become a cause of destroying their lives. According to sources 80% spy camera porn victims are women, recently in South Korea, people were protesting saying “My life is not your porn”. Similarly, Starbucks employee found a micro camera attached to the underside of the toilet lid in Allen Park. Due to this people are becoming conscious and looking for ways to find hidden cameras in their private space. Here are ways to find hidden cameras in your bathroom, bedroom and public changing rooms and what you should do when you find it.

Physical Search:

Hidden spy cameras are designed to hide in places, where it’s hard to notice however Search on the following places where camera can be hidden easily such as,

  • Air filters
  • DVD Cases
  • Tissue boxes
  • Teddy bears
  • Pen
  • Lampshade
  • Behind Photo frame
  • Book Shelves
  • Dressers

Apart from the above commonplaces look for things like wires leading to nowhere or the ideal location which can provide a better view of the room to someone who is spying on you.

Mirror Check

In our private space like bathrooms, bedrooms and especially in public changing rooms we see big mirrors, where we feel comfortable and secure to engage in private activities. However, incidents suggest many times the camera was placed on the other side of the mirror. Now question arises how we can make sure that the mirror doesn’t have a camera. The first step is to check the mirror is two way or not. For that put your finger on the mirror if there is a gap between your finger and the mirror, so the mirror is not two ways. Which means there is no hidden camera there. However, if finger touch tip to tip which means the mirror is two way and there might be a hidden camera behind the mirror.

Lights off search

No matter how the mastermind your enemy was in hidden the camera, but there will be a hole for camera lens to record your activities. Turn off your light of the room and try a flashlight for search. Most of the hidden cameras have a green or red LED which will blink or shine when light hits its lens.

Use Spy Camera Bug Detector (SPY995):

This device is an amazing innovative product which helps you to detect magnetic field, WIFI camera or hidden camera with wire. It’s easy to use and has a wide range of detection capacity. It also has a little screen that shows the strength of the signal so as you move towards the hidden camera the signal strength will increase on the screen. But be careful to turn off all the devices which broadcast radio signal before using this Spy camera bug detector.

Mobile phone search:

You can also use your mobile phone to find a hidden camera in your bedroom, bathroom or a public changing room. Make a call to your friend and start to walk slowly and listen if your friend’s voice is interrupting or not. If there is placed hidden camera at such places, its frequency will create noise in your call so when that appears in your call cut the call and try to inspect that place. Another way can be to turn on the back camera of your smartphone and try to see an unexpected source of light or flash that may lead towards the hidden camera.

What you will do if you find the Hidden Camera:

There is a greater probability if you follow the above steps you will find the hidden camera if it is placed in your private space. So, what you will do next. Firstly, once you found the hidden camera does not touch it or move it because it may carry the fingerprints of a suspect. Secondly, move your stuff from the view of the camera and then call the local police and relevant authorities to investigate the matter.

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