Removable Battery GPS Body Worn Police Camera [140deg] (BWC006)

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Feature and Description

The new and improved Advanced Plus GPS auto infrared HD police body camera is here! The BWC006 is a high-definition video recorder for law enforcement with ultra high quality 1296p HD video. With its 140° wide angle lens and 16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB of storage, it can capture everything that happens for hours. With the press of a single button, recording can start even when the camera is turned off. The built in LCD allows you to review videos, photos or audio recordings in the field. The camera has a durable housing and is completely waterproof up to a depth of 3ft, making it safe for any accidental drops. The BWC006 includes a removable battery, so you can quickly swap out the battery and continue recording with ease! Also comes with built-in GPS which allows you see where video takes place as you view it!

True 1296p High Definition: With the ability to record in crystal clear HD 1296P video, this camera’s wide angle view will record every detail
Removable Battery: Comes with a 6 hour battery that can easily be swapped out for much longer recording
Built-in GPS: Shows GPS location while viewing video with the included video viewing software (note: to acquire GPS signal please allow 1-2 min)
Included Charging Station: The drop-in charging station allows you to charge both an extra battery and the camera at the same time
Motion Detection: Comes with a motion detection feature to allow for recording only when something happens
Waterproof: Waterproof up to 3ft, so any accidental splashes won’t damage the camera
Large Storage Space: Comes with 16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB of storage so you can record hours of footage
Auto Infrared: Automatic night vision recording allows you to see up to 30ft in low light settings
Snap Shot Feature: Allows you to capture photos while recording
Time/Date/ID stamp: Date and time stamp option on every video with officer ID that can’t be tampered with. Can also be password protected
Device Logging: When transferring videos the included files have their own unique device ID, log files, and video/photo files organized into folders so you can easily find the evidence you need
Walkie Talkie (PTT Function): The PTT function with compatible cable allows you to replace your shoulder microphone so you can connect the BWC006 HD to your walkie talkie.
Continuous & Loop Recording: Seamless recording — ideal when transitioning from being used as a dash camera to body camera (NOTE: this feature only available when camera has USB mode firmware)
Multiple Firmware Options: Allows you to manage your camera in multiple modes — choose between our password protected version or non-password protected version firmware.


Battery Life: Up to 6 hours
Video Resolution Modes: 1296P @ 30fps | 1080P @ 30fps | 720P @ 30fps | 720P @ 60fps | 480P @ 30fps | 480P @ 60fps
Photo Resolution: Up to 33MP
Video Format: .MP4
Photo Format: .JPG
Storage Capacity: 16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB optional
Battery: Removable 1950mAh battery
Standby Battery Life: Up to 15 hours
Field of View: 140°
Night Vision: Auto infrared
Night Vision Range: Up to 32ft with visible face detection
Motion Detection Capable: Yes
Waterproof: Up to 3ft depth
Time and Date Stamp: Embedded on every video with user ID
Burst Photo: 1, 3, or 5 photos at once
Fast Forward or Rewind Speeds: 2x, 4x, or 8x
Working Temperature: -40°C to 60°C
Camera Weight: 163 grams
Camera Dimensions: 3.3×2.7×1.2 inch
Video Storage:
1080p @30fps (1 hour of footage=5GB)
720p @30fps (1 hour of footage=3.6GB)
480p @30/60fps (1 hour of footage=2.1GB)
Battery Life:
480P: 5.6 hours
720P: 5 hours
1080P: 4 hours

USB cable
Wall charger
Drop-in charging station
Metal body clip
Lithium battery
User manual
1 year warranty

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