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BWC110B – Removable Battery Body Camera (Mini Light Weight)

BWC110B – Removable Battery Body Camera (Mini Light Weight)

Product Features:

1. Support H.265 video encoding, the same capacity memory card can store audio and video files twice as much as H.264.
2. Replaceable battery design keeps the battery without power loss.
3. Ultra-low power consumption (single battery can support 1080P 30fps video recording for more than 6.5 hours).
4. Using Full HD CMOS image sensor, the maximum recording video resolution is 2560x1440P/30fps.
5. The maximum camera resolution is 36 million pixels.
6. Support one-key quick start-up recording, one-key quick start-up recording.
7. 2.0inch high-definition color screen, vertical screen display, resolution up to 240*320 pixel
8. Hidden detachable memory card design, no need to disassemble the card to change the card.
9. Support 32-256GB memory card
10. Small size and portable design, size 72.2*48.5*24.6mm, weight less than 102g (without clip),
11. Resolutions: 1080P 30fps, 6.5 Hrs recording, 2.0inch Display Screen, H265 / H264 Video Compression, Support 32-256GB SD Card, Size: 72.2*48.5*24.6mm, Weight: 102g



 Product Code BWC110B
 Chipset  Ambarella H22
 Sensor  Full HD CMOS image sensor
 Lens  135° wide-angle lens (under 1/2.7inch sensor)
 Display Screen  2.0” LCD  240*320 pixel
 Video Parameters
 Resolution   2560*1440P/30fps,1920x1080P/30fps ,1440x1080P/30fps,1280X720P/30fps,848x480P/30fps,720x480P/30fps
 Video Format   MP4
 Video Compression Format   H.264/ H.265
 Video Encoding Rate   2.5-10M bps
 One-Click Recording   Support one-key recording/support one-key to turn on the recording and recording function
 Video Pre-Recorded   Support pre-recording 10s
 Suspension Function   Support up to 30min extended recording at all resolutions
 Video Quality   High Medium Low
 Split Time   5min/10min/15min/30min, no gaps between segmented video
 Video Capture   Support for capturing photos in recorded videos
 Watermark Overlay   Support 7-digit device ID, 6-digit police ID, time and date
 Motion Detection   Supported
 Loop Recording   Supported
 Video Zoom  1X-128X
 Camera Parameters
 Photo Resolution  36M (6928*5192)/ 32M(7600*4275)/ 16M (5336*3000)/ 12M (4608*2592) / 10M (4384*2466) / 8M (3456*1944) / 5M (3008*1688)
 Image Format  JPG
 Continuous Photo  Continuous shooting 2/3/5/10/20 photos
 Timed Photo  Supports 5/10 seconds
 Time-lapse Photo  Supported delay 5/10 seconds
 Recording Parameters
 Audio Format   AAC
 Audio Bit Rate   256k bps
 Display/play Parameters
 Fast Forward Speed   2X,4X,8X
 Rewind Speed   2X,4X,8X
  Slideshow   Supported
 Screen Brightness   ≥250cd/m2
 Screen Protector   Supports 30 seconds/1min/3min/5min
 Dimming   Support screen brightness adjustment high/medium/low
 Battery Parameters
 Battery Type   Replaceable 2000mAh polymer lithium-ion battery
 Charging time   2 hours Single Battery
 Battery Life   Single Battery 6.5 Hours(1920*1080P/30fps H.264 Normal quality Turn off the screen/WiFi/Infrared night vision/White light illumination )
 Battery Indicator   Supported
 Low Battery Alarm   Support video prompt and alarm reminder
 Other Functions
 Night Shooting Function   Support shooting above 3 meters, covering 70% of the shooting screen
 Automatic Night Shooting    Support manual/automatic turn on infrared night vision function
 Key File Mark   Supported
 One-click recording   Support recording/recording when the key is turned off
 Vibration reminder   Supported
 Volume adjustment   Support playback volume adjustment
 Automatic shut-down   1min/2mins/3分mins/5mins/10mins
 Password Protection   Supported (optional)
 Indicator Light   Supported on/off
 Memory   Support 32-256GB memory card (32G can store 1080P video for more than 16 hours)
 Data Links   MINI USB2.0(Charging/PC data connection)
 External Power Supply   5V/1A
 Sound Sensitivity   42dB -/2dB
 Speaker   Built-in 1W speaker
 Language   English, simplified Chinese
 Working System   Windows7、windows10
 Dimensions   72.2mm*48.5mm*24.6mm (Large surface size)
  Weight   102g (Without clip)
 Operating Temperature   -20℃—55℃
 Storage temperature   -30–70℃
 Drop Resistance Level   2 Metres
 Waterproof level   IP65
 Encryption   AES256


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BWC104 – Removable Batteries – Body Worn Camera (Support AES256)


 Dimension  78 * 55 * 32 mm
 Weight  184g
 Sensor  OV4689
 Chipset  Ambarella H22
 Recording Angle  Wide Angle 170
 Waterproof  IP68
 Battery Capacity  Removable 2500mAH Lithium
Battery Life  Continuous recording time (H.264):
about 18 hours for 2pcs batteries (battery full charged, IR, GPS, Wifi, screen, 4G, etc.  closed, static data, Video resolution 1280x720P 30fps, normal video quality)
 Photo Resolution  5M, 12M, 20M, 25M, 30M, 40M
 Video Resolution  2560×1440 30P, 2304×1296 30P, 1920×1080 30P, 1280×720 30P, 848×480 30P
 Storage Capacity  16G/32G/64G/128G (Standard 32GB)
 Charging Time  About 240 minutes
 LCD Screen  2 inch TFT-LCD High-Resolution Color Display
 Video Format  H.264/H.265 MPEG4
 Audio Format  WAV
 Photo Format  JPEG
 Night Vision  Up to 10 Meters with Visible face image
 IR Light  Yes
 Digital Zoom  Up to 64X
 Audio Microphone  High Quality Build-in Microphone.
 Water Mark  User ID, Time and date Stamp, GPS coordinates Imbedded into Video.
 Burst Photo  Shooting 2 / 3 / 5 / 7 / 10 / 15 / 20 photos in a row
 Snap Shot  Capture Photos During Video Recording
 Activation prompt  Audible, Visual, and Vibration to indicate recording start and Stop
 Auxiliary Light  White flashlight
 4G / WIFI / GPS (Optional) LTE FDD: B1/B3/B7/B8/B20/B28A
GSM: B3/B8
 External mini camera optional  720P
 Audio/Video Playback  Yes
 Video Output  N/A
 Video Transfer  USB 2.0
 Unique ID number  Include 5 digit device ID and 6 digit police ID
 Password protect  To playback files or change setting on the device, it requires a password. (Password can be changed on setting). Files can only be deleted on PC after input password. You can only review the files but cannot delete on the device.
 Encryption  AES256 (Optional)
 Pre-record function  30 or 60 seconds
 Post-record function   35 minutes
 Working Temperature  -10~60 degrees Celsius
 Storage Temperature   -20~70 degrees Celsius
Standard Accessories  Manual, Short clip, Adapter, USB cable
 Optional Accessories   Car Charger, Chest strap, Shoulder strap, Car mount, External mini camera, Plastic Case, Multifunctional Docking Station, Single Charging Dock


BWC104 – Daytime – Outdoor Video Footage (1080p)

BWC104 – Night Vision Outdoor Footage (1080p)

BWC104 – Indoor Video footage (1080p)

BWC104 – Daytime – Outdoor Video Footage (1080p)

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BWA011-DS027-DCW-10PD – 10 Port Portable Docking Station with Display

BWA011-DS027-DCW-10PD - 10 Port Portable Docking Station with Display - Main v2




 Display Feature


 15.6″ HD LCD display

 Touch Screen

 15.6 inch capacitive 10-point touch screen

 Screen Resolution



 Model Number




 Memory Slot


 PCIE Slot


 SATA Interface

 1pcs SATA

 2pcs M-SATA

 Display   Interface

 1pcs  VGA

 1pcs  VDLS

According to the display requirements

 1pcs  EDP

 Other Interface

  1pcs RJ45 Network port

  1pcs  HDMI port

  1pcs  Wifi Antenna interface


  Intel J1900


  DDR3 4G

 Hard Disk

  Mechanical hard disk 4T

  M-SATA  60G

 Hard Disk Bay

  1 detachable hard drive (Removing the hard disk must be after turned off the docking station)

 Power Supply

 Power Supply Characteristics

  180~260V AC/50~60Hz

  (Standby mode) 60W

  (Maximum working condition) 200W

 Overload Protection

  Overvoltage protection, overcurrent protection, over power protection, short circuit protection

 Operating System

 Operating System

  Microsoft Windows 10

  I/O Interface

 Acquisition Charging Interface

  Mini USB 2.0 *10,Spring USB data cable

  Recharging current 5V1A

 Debug Interface

  USB2.0*2 USB3.0*2

 Network Port

  RJ45 Gigabit Network Interface

 Power Interface

  Case Power Supply 220V Interface

 Recorder Positions

 Card Slot Design

  Cabin Docking Station Design

 Environmental Test 



 Operating Temperature

 -10℃~50℃ Surface air flow

 Storage Temperature


 Storage Humidity

 95% @40℃, No condensation

 Physical Characteristics 




 Industrial cold rolled steel plate + aluminum alloy


 Antistatic powder coating / black


 About 9kg


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BWC115 – OMG Staff Name Tag Body Camera

BWC115 - OMG Staff Name Tag Body Worn Camera v2




  • Button: Video record, Power, Reset
  • USB cable type: USB 2.0 Type-C
  • Audio Microphone: High Quality Built-in Microphone
  • Dimensions: 83.5mm×31.5mm×11.0mm (L x W x H) (mount and external device excluded)
  • Net Weight: 45g
  • Anti-Drop Height: 1.5 Meters


  • Processor: NT680
  • Storage: Built-in TF card, support 32GB/64GB/128GB
  • WIFI: Optional


  • Camera: 1 camera
  • Camera Sensor: GC2053
  • Lens: HS-AX69-650
  • Diagonal Wide-Angle: 78.1°
  • Horizontal Wide-Angle: 66.1°
  • Vertical Wide-Angle: 52°
  • Exposure/ White Balance: Auto


  • Video Resolution: 1920×1080(30fps), 1280×720(60fps)
  • Video Format: MP4 (H.264)
  • Audio Format: AAC
  • Audio Bit rate: 128Kbps
  • Image Resolution: 2M (1920×1080)
  • Image Format: JPEG


  • Capacity: Built-in 1600mAh  battery
  • Charging Time: Less than 2.5 hours
  • Continuous Working Time: (screen off and infrared off) 8 hours recording time for 1920*1080P


  • Recording/ Voice recording/ Photograph: Support
  • Time Correction: Device time will be corrected automatically or manually while connecting with docking station
  • Loop Record: Support
  • Snapshot: Support


  • Watermark: Time and date Stamp
  • Unique ID number: Support


  • Password Authentication: Support
  • Sleep mode: Support


  • Charging Method: USB port (5V/1A)
  • System Requirements: Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 8, Microsoft Windows 10


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BWA022-DEMS07-SET – OMG Digital Evidence Management System for BWC090 & BWC089

BWA022-DEMS07-SET – OMG Digital Evidence Management System for BWC090 & BWC089 v2


OMG Digital Evidence Management System Software

BWA022-DEMS03 - Digital Evidence Management System for BWC090 & BWC089 - Main Screen


The OMG Digital Evidence Management System streamlines the evidence collection process by connecting to and collapsing available data silos​ into one interface. It provides a one-stop shop for gathering evidence – the investigator doesn’t have to log on to different systems or travel to locations to manually collect evidence.

Almost nothing can capture news headlines like a tragic interaction between a police officer and a member of the public. For far too many years, the outcome of the use of police force has been subject to a “he said, she said” debate. With the invention of high-quality, miniaturized video cameras, however, police departments now have a way to resolve these disputes. Even better, they can prevent them from happening in the first place.

Communities around the country are demanding that their police officers wear body cameras, and for good reason. With body cameras recording all of an officer’s interactions, a police department and the public that it serves can find out exactly what happened in every incident.

When all of a department’s police officers wear these cameras, the number of public complaints drops dramatically, as does the number of times that police are required to use force. They simply create the accountability needed for all parties involved to understand that everything they are doing is being recorded for posterity.

OMG Digital Evidence Management Software [ODEMS]
Every department has its own way of doing things, and new technologies shouldn’t force you to work a certain way. Whether it’s how you want to access video, store data or manage every detail of how it’s used.

In order for these cameras to be useful, they must be served by the right digital evidence management software, also known as DEMS. This software is used in many ways to ensure that all body camera recordings are cataloged and stored properly. There are many data points that have to be accurately recorded. For example, our software can:

– Track which police officer recorded what video and at what time it was recorded
– Maintain metadata for every recording, such as which department members have viewed it and when
– Allow you to mark videos as evidence in an ongoing investigation or due for simple storage
– Give your district attorney and their staff the ability to log in and view crucial videos

The Benefits of Tracker Products EMS
Whether you’re a police captain looking for new solutions or the IT director that has to implement them, digital evidence management software is crucial for making body cameras useful. Without this software, your investment in high-tech camera equipment will be worthless. Our Evidence Management System with integrated Digital Evidence program is unique because it allows for both physical and digital evidence that shows the entire chain of custody. You will have an all-in-one solution for maintaining your evidence’s chain of custody and being able to access in whenever you need it.

Since this is such new technology, consumers can only choose from OMG for their video camera needs. With all technology, it can quickly become outdated. Once the technology is no longer top-of-the-line, you will have to invest more money getting new cameras and new software to accompany the new hardware.


– Upload and authentication of all digital files including images, video, audio, and any other files
– Auto Upload and Charging
– Secure access to all digital files
– Chain of custody for all digital files
– Unlimited search capabilities
– Unlimited filters and quick filters
– Notification system
– Images and report printing capabilities
– User security layers
– Unlimited Delete files
– Powerful restriction capabilities for sensitive and high profile cases

BWA022-DEMS03 - Digital Evidence Management System for BWC090 & BWC089 - Video

BWA022-DEMS03 - Digital Evidence Management System for BWC090 & BWC089 -Audit Trial

BWA011-DS026-HT-10P - 10 Port Docking Station for Body Worn Camera - Main v4


Storage Capacity: No, supporting computer, use computer hard disk to store evidence
Acquisition Interface: Micro – USB * 10 ports standard
Power Switch Button: Physical button*1
USB3.0 Interface: USB3.0*1
Power Connector: AC IN: 220V; 50Hz over voltage protection, over current protection, over power protection, short circuit protection
power Supply: Built-in 12V10A switching power supply
Power Consumption: ≤120W
Cooling Fan: Built-in 12v cooling fan*1
Operating Temperature: -20℃~60℃
Working Humidity: <90%
Dimensions (mm): Length 350mmm*Width 240mm*Height 100mm
Product Weight: About 5kg

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BWA011- DS026-HT-10P – OMG 10 Port Docking Station for Body Worn Camera

BWA011-DS026-HT-10P - 10 Port Docking Station for Body Worn Camera - Main v4


BWA011-DS026-HT-10P - 10 Port Docking Station for Body Worn Camera - Multi View


Storage Capacity: No, supporting computer, use computer hard disk to store evidence
Acquisition Interface: Micro – USB * 10 ports standard
Power Switch Button: Physical button*1
USB3.0 Interface: USB3.0*1
Power Connector: AC IN: 220V; 50Hz over voltage protection, over current protection, over power protection, short circuit protection
power Supply: Built-in 12V10A switching power supply
Power Consumption: ≤120W
Cooling Fan: Built-in 12v cooling fan*1
Operating Temperature: -20℃~60℃
Working Humidity: <90%
Dimensions (mm): Length 350mmm*Width 240mm*Height 100mm
Product Weight: About 5kg


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BWA011-DS023-LT-10PD – Touch Screen 10 Port Docking Digital Evidence Management System

Digital Evidence Management System Software









Visual Download Status: Docking Station displays data download status, number of files downloaded, and estimated download time from each connected body worn camera.
Camera Data Purge: Docking Station automatically purges all recorded data from connected BWC after all data has been downloaded from the device.
Resume Download: If download from BWC to docking station is interrupted, the docking station will resume download from where it last left off when the camera is reconnected.
Portal: The system is using Browser/Server architecture to meet unique agencies’ needs. All downloaded data is accessed 
from docking station or a local area network PC by Web Browser.
Users & Groups: Each user is assigned custom permissions to access, view, download, reports, and delete uploaded data.
Case Information: Authorized personnel may add important case details, attach additional documents and other files pertaining to the case with recorded data.
Custom Incident Categories: Custom Incident Categories are added to the system to meet agencies’ unique laws and policies.
Video Tagging: Downloaded data can be tagged.
Locked Data: Downloaded sensitive data may be locked to keep unauthorized users’ from access, data owner is also included.
Protected Data: Important data may be protected from automatic or manual deletion.
Advanced Search: Easily locate desired recorded data using a single or multitude search parameters.
Statistical Reports: Authorized users may retrieve statistical incident data repot for specified date range.
Complete Audit Trail: Track each action performed by officers and users either at docking station or through Web Portal.
Data Backup: Downloaded data may be backed up to specified file servers via network (NAS). Admin may create custom policies for the system to only backup important data to NAS or most storage servers.
Real-Time System Monitoring: Docking Station’s status information including internal storage status, disk status, online status, and data health is monitored in real-time.
Time Synchronization: Docking Station automatically updates Body Worn Camera’s time when devices is connected.
Scalable Local Storage: Easily manage and store data locally & eliminate monthly storage fees. System’s storage may be expanded internally and externally.


System Software  Operating System   Win 10
 Acquisition Software   Mobile Law Enforcement Electronic Evidence Management System
Hardware Configuration  Display Components   10.1-inch LCD, physical resolution 1280 x 800
 Touch Components   Multi-point capacitive touch screen
 Main Chipset   Dual-core CPU Intel chipset with the option of other Intel Family processors
 Memory Capacity   4G DDR 1600/1333/1066 MHz (optional 8 to 16G).
 System Hard Drive   60G SSD
 Storage Capacity   Optional 1T,2,4T,8T,12T,16T storage capacity.
 Acquisition Interface   Mini/Micro/type C-USB comes standard with 8 (optional 10)
Apply Features  Acquisition Management    Recorder registration binding management
  Supports intermittent transmission of the acquisition process
  The acquisition progress and charging status are displayed dynamically
  The acquisition device corresponds to the screen display position one by one
  The number of devices collected automatically and simultaneously can be customized
  Certification rules that comply with public safety industry standard interfaces
 Data Processing   Video file has no compressed original picture quality
  Automatic classification (depending on file type, resolution or date)
  Automatic upload to the specified server
  Upload policy configurable (time period, destination address, file type, network bandwidth, etc.)
  When the recorder is automatically checked, the acquisition completion status is automatically verified and the data is automatically emptied
 Storage Management   Storage policy management (storage path, storage file type, compression method, etc.)
  Storage space management (clean-up, early warning, expansion, backup, etc.)
  Storage status is displayed
  Database is backed up regularly
  Distributed evidence download, view
 Data Security   Unauthorized users do not have data operation rights
 Data Synchronization   Two-way database synchronization fault + mechanism with active and passive interaction with the management platform
 Rights Management   Unlimited hierarchical permissions are recursively managed
 Internal Communication    Inline web instant messaging tools
 Evidence Research   Important evidence is passed on to share the judgment
 Job Assessment   Personnel assessment, unit assessment
 Site Management   Multi-level workstation site management
 Log Management   Action logging
The Host Interface  Switch Machine Keys   Physical keys
 Network Interface   RJ45x1
 Data Interface   USB-A Mother
Physical Properties  Power   ACIN:100 to 240V; 50 to 60Hz over pressurized protection, overselow protection, over-power protection, short-circuit protection
 Power   ≤84W
 Operating Temperature   -20to60 degrees Celsius
 Working Humidity   <90% of the time
 Size   48 x 34 x 10 cm
 Net Weight Of The Product   About 9kg
 Product Is Gross Weight   About 10kg(carton packing).
Quality Assurance  Shell Material   All-metal housing, , anti-static, anti-magnetic , anti-strong electric field interference
 Mandatory  Certification   Mandatory certification of electrical products in China(3C).
 Environmental Standards    All components and packaging accessories comply with international environmental standards


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