Product Comparison: GPS Trackers

Features OMGGPS08W

GPS Tracker Watch


GPS Tracker Keychain


GPS Pendant

Price Price include 1 year warranty S$148 S$248 S$238
Accessories NA Additional $30 for Charging Docking Station + Lanyard + Keychain NA
GPS Tracking Yes Yes Yes
Geo Fence A predefined boundaries, like school ones or neighborhood boundaries. When carrier exit boundaries alert Caregiver Yes Yes Yes
SOS Calling 3 SOS Number 5 SOS Number 5 SOS Number
Remote Camera Caregiver take picture of carrier surrounding remotely via  mobile app No take picture of carrier surrounding remotely via  mobile app
White List Calling Only mobile number listed in the mobile app are allow to call the carrier NA NA Yes
Background Monitoring Liston to the background sound of the carrier without the carrier know Yes Yes Yes
Water Proof Only Water Resistance Yes Only Water Resistance
Fall Detection Alert Caregiver when detection fall from carrier No Yes Yes
Motionless Detection When motionless for 5 hours means carrier forgotten to put on the device No Yes, Add-on features Additional $30 No
Mobile App Support Free Android App & iPhone IOS App Android App & iPhone IOS: track via website Android App & iPhone IOS App
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