Power Bank Camera (SPY047)

Power Bank Camera - 1


HD 1080P video mobile power camera, 8000mAh battery, 2.0inch LCD
1.    Video Resolution: 1920X1080 /1080P 1440X1080 /720P 1080FHD 1280X720 /WVGA 848X480 /VGA 640X480 can be selected according to the requirements of the user’s requirements of the resolution.
2.    Cycle Video: off /1 minutes /2 minutes /3 minutes /5 minutes /10 minutes. Set a few minutes, video files can be saved for a few minutes. If the setting off, the machine can not automatically cycle. When the memory is full will delete the first paragraph of a video file, to retain the latest video file.
3.    Audio: off / on. Close, shot video file without sound. Open, shot video file sync.
4.    Recording Date: off / on. Close, shoot video files without time watermark. Open, shot video files have time to watermark.
5.    Date / Time: press up and down key to select, press OK key to switch.
6.    Screen Protection: off /1 seconds /5 minutes /3 minutes /5 minutes. Select off, display long light. Choose the set time, in the choice of the time set, the display will be extinguished, the normal operation of the machine.
7.    Button Sound: off / open. Select off, no key tone. Choose to open, there is a button tone.
8.    Language: English / Chinese / Chinese / Japanese / Korean / Russian / russian
9.    Night Vision Lights: off / on.
10.  Format: cancel / confirm. Select OK to delete all video files of the memory card.
11.  Default Settings: cancel / determine. Select OK to restore factory settings
12.  Version: machine version.delete: delete the current / delete all. Delete current video file. Delete all, delete all video files.
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