EA027 – Portable Personal SOS Alarm with GPS Location for Women/Kids & Elderly no Sim Card needed

Product Description

1. Used independently, The alarm can make high decibel and continuous shrilled sound.
2. Combine the alarm with the App “PPsafety”. You can enjoy the complete functions of the alarm such as timing protection, rapid alerting, anti-lost and lost-find, and so on.
3. Compatible with both IOS and Android.
4. Free APP download.
5. 120DB loud alarm siren for emergency attack.
6. Real-time GPS tracking.
7. Bluetooth 4.0 built-in.
8. Anti-lost function.


Charging Power: DC 5V
Charging Time: 30 Minutes
Standby Time: 30 Days
Ring Time: 45 Minutes
Battery: 140Mah Polymer Battery
Material:  ABS
Color Available:  Pink/Green/Gray
Product dimension: 46*46*14.8mm
Package Size: 180*85*25mm
Product weight: 18g









Personal Alarm - (Support IOS, A (5)

Open Environment, Use High DB Alarm

For example, when you are tailed by a stranger. You can pull the pin out, the alarm will make a high frequency alarm sound. At the same time, the alarm will send a help-seeking message to your emergency contact person.


Personal Alarm - (Support IOS, A (4)

Closed Environment, Use Silent Alarm

When you meet bad people at home or take a taxi, you can double-click the button, the alarm will send a help-seeking message to your emergency contact without alarm sound.


Personal Alarm - (Support IOS, A (6)


Personal Alarm - (Support IOS, A (


Personal Alarm - (Support IOS, A (10)


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