Personal Tracking Device – Waterproof [OMGGPS09D] – SGD$168 (No Monthly Subscription)

Accurate Tracking   |   Power standby

Super High Battery life GPS Tracker for Elderly Demantia / Kids - Waterproof IPX6 (OMGGPS06)



     * S$168 (1 Year Warranty)

        (Usual S$248)

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  •  No Monthly Fee
  • Waterproof IPX6
  • Real-time tracking
  • Vibration/Displacement/Low battery/Power off alert
  • SOS
  • Background Voice Spying
  • Geo-fence
  • History Route
  • Magnetic charge
  • AGPS locating
  • WIFI


Frequency WCDMA     900/2100MHz
GSM       850/900/1800/1900MHz
Battery 3.7V 1000mAh
Location time Cold start 35s-80s
Hot start 1s
Location accuracy 5 meters
Operating temperature -20℃~+55℃
Dimension 50*50*15mm
Weight 55g

Start up

Super High Battery life GPS Tracker for Elderly Demantia / Kids - Waterproof IPX6 (OMGGPS06) - Installation

LED Indicator Definition

Green Indicator:GPRS

Status of indicator Meaning
Flash GSM/GPRS conversation start
Continuously in bright status No GPRS signal
Green Led off Power off or in sleep mode

Blue Indicator:GPS

Status of indicator Meaning
Flash GPS location successful
Continuously in bright status GPS signal searching
Blue led off Power off or in sleep mode

Red Indicator:Power charge

Status of indicator Meaning
Continuously in bright status charging
Red led off Full battery or charged full

NOTE: When the equipment in power saving sleep mode, the light will turn off after about 10 minutes(settable) without any operation.


Q:Start up Fail?
A:Check the battery charge full or not.

Q:The device can not obtain location information?
A:Place the unit at the open area to test.

Q:How to choose SIM card?
A:   the SIM card must support GSM&GPRS,and ensure that the card has enough currency and credit.

Q: How to use in the foreign countries?
A:please set the APN before use,please edit the text “APN123456

CMNET “ and send it to the SIM card of the device,CMNET is

Chinese operator’s APN, Replace the corresponding APN when use in other countries, APN details, please consult your local SIM card carrier.

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