PA005 – OMG Personal Self-Defense Safety Shrill Alarm on Key Ring with LOUD Dual Alarm Siren Heard up to 300 ft/90 meters Away

Personal Self Defense Safety Alarm on Key Ring - 1

  • ATTENTION-GRABBING – 110 dB dual siren alarm helps call for assistance in an emergency and helps deter attacker (audible up to 300 ft/ 90M away)
  • VERSATILE AND USER-FRIENDLY – this sleek, compact modern design keychain attaches to backpack, purse or keys for convenient, instant access, plus greater value with batteries included (requires 4xLR41)
  • SIMPLE TO USE – pull metal chain from device to sound 110 dB alarm
  • REUSABLE – push pin back in to stop sound and use again
  • BROAD CONSUMER APPEAL – safe for children & a self-defense option for any age

Personal Self Defense Safety Alarm on Key Ring - 2

Personal Self Defense Safety Alarm on Key Ring - 3

Personal Self Defense Safety Alarm on Key Ring - 4

Personal Self Defense Safety Alarm on Key Ring - 5

Personal Self Defense Safety Alarm on Key Ring - 6

Personal Self Defense Safety Alarm on Key Ring - 7

Personal Alarm

Draws Attention to Yourself in an Emergency Situation

Are you looking for a simple, inexpensive way to better protect yourself? Do you want to be prepared when unexpected trouble shows up? The Personal Alarm provides a loud, attention-grabbing alarm when it is separated from the key chain. The 110 decibel alarm creates just the disruption needed to help alert people you need help. The Personal Alarm easily attaches to a bag, backpack, key chain or purse for easy access. Simple to use. Easy to carry. Ready at a moment’s notice.

Product Description

Loud noises help startle your attacker and turn bystanders into witnesses. This extremely loud personal alarm is 110dB and audible up to 300 feet (90M) away.

The sleek, attractive personal alarm resembles a memory stick, meaning it is just as discreet as it is loud. Offering instant access, the key ring attachment connects the personal alarm to your backpack, keys or purse.

To sound the reusable alarm, simply pull the metal chain from the device.

Push the pin back in to stop the sound. The child-friendly alarm is a self-defense option for any age.

This keychain personal alarm is backed by 40 years in the security industry and developed by the #1 pepper spray brand trusted by police and consumers worldwide. ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Protect yourself today!

Product Information


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