BWC058 – OMG Mini Body Worn Camera – Build-In Image Stabilizer

BWC058 - High Compression Body Worn Camera

★ Ambarella S5L Chipset
★ Sensor: OS05A10, HDR supported
★ Wide Angle viewing: 130 Degree
★ H.264 video encoding – 15 Hrs for 32GB
★ 14-nm low-power CMOS process
★ Support 32-256GB Build-in Memory.
★ Support 2.4G/5.8G Wifi/3G/4G/GPS (Optional)
★ Support Facial Recognition (Optional)

Product Features

  • Low power, long battery life

  1. 1080P HD video recording is about 0.8 watts, which is half of the power consumption of the Ambarella A7 solution, and 1/4 of the MTK solution.
  2. 4200mAh battery can record up to 14 hours with .
  3. PWM charging technology can provide 2 Amp fast charging and avoid overheat which extends battery life significantly.
  • Low bit-rate, high definition.

  1. Our body camera with 3D motion compensated noise reduction (MCTF) and it supports H.264 (AVC) only.
  2. 1080P (1440P Max) high definition remote live video can present much more details than 720p video.
  • Quick connecting, fast charging

  1. Boot up in 6s.
  2. 3.5 hours fast charging with charging cradle (3500mAh battery (upgrade to 4200mAh optional), 2A power adaptor);
  • Better User Experience

  1. Small size (83.2*54.8*29.8mm), light weight (145g).
  2. IP68 waterproof level;
  3. Qualified waterproof speaker provides continuous good sound quality even it has been dipped into water.
  4. Better night vision effect is achieved by scattering glass to avoid flash light effect;
  5. High video resolution up to 1440P (2560×1440) with affordable bitrate;
  6. Customized logo can be burned into the record video;
  7. Dewarp function to correct image distortion;
  8. Wide working temperature from -30 to 60 degrees Celsius;
  9. 8 hours recording time can be reached at -30 degrees Celsius with normal battery.
  • AI (Optional)

  1. 4 core ARM Cortex A53 processors help implementing AI functions, for example, face recognition. It can support deep learning, faster and more accurate face recognition, and the face number can be up to 10,000 with local face database.
  2. It can co-operate with cloud server for face recognition and comparison (under developing).

BWC058 - High Compression Body Worn Camera - 1512P High Definition Recording v2


BWC058 - High Compression Body Worn Camera - ip68 Waterproof Rating


Mini WIFI,GPS,3G,4G Body Worn Camera - 12


BWC058 - High Compression Body Worn Camera - Night Vision


OS Chipset  Ambarella S5L
OS  Linux 4.9.110
Booting Time  < 6 Seconds (From power on to recording)
Language  English/Chinese
Interface  GUI (Graphic User Interface)
Video Video Input  OS05A10, not support external camera
Video Output  2 inch Full HD LCD screen
Recording Resolution  2560×1440,1920×1080,1280×720
Frame Rate  1440p30,1080p60,1080p30,720p60,720p30
Record mode Video and Audio synchronization
2 Independent Video Streams for Local Record and Remote View
Compression H.264(MP/HP Level 5.1)
Audio Audio Input 1x MIC input, optional external intercom audio input
External Audio Interface 2.5mm jack for headphone, microphone and PTT
Compression PCM format (AAC optional)
Audio Record Support audio only recording, one key switch between Audio and Video record mode
Video Process Video Resolution 2560×1440, 1920×1080, 1280×720
Photograph 1920×1080 ~ 8640×4752
Snap Support snapping during recording photo resolution same as recording video)
Storage Built in 16GB TF card(optional for 32~256GB)
Light IR Up to 10 Meters at 0 lux with Visible shape image
Flash Light Help for view in night
Laser Lock image center or pointing
Two way Intercom Cluster Intercom Support for cluster intercom between terminal devices (only for 4G/3G device)
Intercom With Platform Support intercom between server and terminal devices (only for 4G/3G device)
Lens HOV >120°
Alarm SOS SOS key press will be notified on the platform (only for 4G/3G device)
COM Port USB 1x USB, for charging, communication with PC, connect external HD camera
Network Protocol (Optional) TCP/IP, RTSP, RTMP, GB/28181  (only for 4G/3G device)
3G/4G (Optional) built in 3G/4G module(FDD-LTE/WCDMA/GPRS)  (only for 4G/3G device)
Wifi (Optional) Optional, support WIFI Client and AP mode
Blue Tooth (Optional) Support Blue Tooth
GPS GPS (Optional) GPS/GLONASS (optional),location and speed can be used in local record and remote view, excellent signal quality with cold start <25 seconds
Firmware Face Recognition Deep learning face recognition, huge local blacklist or cloud recognition (Optional )
OSD Burn In Burn in date, time, device ID, officer ID, location, speed
Overwrite Can be enabled or disabled
Playback Support local playback of video, search video files by time, alarm, etc.
Remote Image Function Support online playback and downloading remotely (only for 4G/3G device)
Cluster Intercom Support paired call, Cluster call  (only for 4G/3G device)
Playback Speed Support from 1 to 128
Pre/Post- Recording Maximum 20s pre-recording and post-recording
De-warp Support de-warp before encoding(>120 degree), support maximum 8X digital zoom
Safe Mode Limited for only video and audio recording, photographing or other basic operations
Record Encryption Support Record encryption, encrypted video can be only played in special player
Log Record key operation, setting change, events, alarms and other information
Software Hplayer Play back video files on the PC and analyze data information in the file.
CMSV6 Remote live view/real-time positioning/track playback/intercom/monitoring/remote command delivery, etc. (only for 4G/3G device)
Upgrade Firmware Maintain Firmware can be upgrade though USB or Internet (only for 4G/3G device)
Working Condition Temperature  -30–60℃
Humidity  40%~80%
Other Charge Cradle Fast charging@2A, USB data transmission
Time synchronize date and time with GPS, internet, PC
Dual Video Stream 2 Independent Video Streams for Local Record and Remote View
Default Restore with factory default setting
Indicator Charging, Idle, Video Record, Snap, Audio record
Battery Capacity 3500mAh for 1080p30 continuous recording upto 14h, for continuous 4G remote view up to 7.5h, Full charged within 3h
Option 2: 4200mAh for 1080p30 continuous recording upto 15h,for continuous 4G remote view up to 9h, Full charged within 3.5h;
Auxiliary Battery None
Waterproof IP68
Size 83.2*54.8*29.8mm
Weight 145g(without clip)


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