SPYV004 – OMG Mini Car Audio Recorder – 135-200 Hours Continuous Voice Recording

Mini Audio Recorder Support 135-200 Hours Continuous Voice Recording [SPY051] -02

Main features:

1) Supports 135 hours continuous voice recording.
2) Auto voice activate function support starting recording when in-car conversation starts and stops when the conversation ends.
3)Built-in 2000mAh rechargeable high temperature resistance lithium battery enables device working inside the car around high temperature environment.
4)Industrial-strength magnets built-in supports device being attached under the car seat to avoid regular car cleaning


1) It has to be charged only via PC.
2) Before plug off the USB cable, you need quit it first from the software on the right bottom on the PC. Can’t take the USB cable off directly. Else, when you connect the recorder to PC next time, the PC can’t recognize it.

Main Sales Points:

  • Spy voice recorder design, hidden the voice recording function inside small led torch, no any sign or mark, it just a led torch from the sharp.
  • Powerful magnet design, easy to install or hide, inside car seat?Under car bottom?
  • Pretty good voice quality, much much better than the similar products on the current market.
    Long battery life 135-200 Hours.
  • Voice activated recording, or schedule recording.


Mini Audio Recorder Support 135-200 Hours Continuous Voice Recording [SPY051] - 01

Mini Audio Recorder Support 135-200 Hours Continuous Voice Recording [SPY051] -03

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