EA015 – OMG Wireless Chair Pad Exit Alarms for Home (Elderly Fall Prevention) – $380

Quiet CordLess® Fall Monitor Without Cords

EA015 - Chair Exit Pad Alarm System for Elderly 750x


No noise in room! Place the Quiet Fall Monitor where you need it

Eliminate in-room noise – Quiet Fall Prevention.

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The “New Patented Technology” Wireless Fall Monitor can be mounted away from the residents chair ( cordless bed alarm ). Monitor can also be placed above chair which reduces alarm noise near the residents head and TamperProofs the monitor so the resident can not reset it on their own. Monitor can also be placed in the hallway which reduces in room alarm noise. It is safer because caregivers are notified by a bright blinking light and a quieter alarm in the hallway which notifies them when a resident is getting up.

Patented safety features

This is our patented cutting edge technology fall prevention monitor with patented safety features that let a caregiver know if the signal is lost or the Wireless fall monitor is out of range. It can also be mounted outside the patient room for a quieter solution!

No cords between pads and Wireless fall monitor

Cord free quiet fall prevention monitors and sensor pads help to reduce entanglement and tripping hazzards. The cord free sensor pad gets placed under the resident. When the resident gets up and the pressure is removed from the pad, a wireless signal is sent to the monitor alarm in the hallway, alerting the caregiver.

The TL-2100G Wireless Fall Monitor continually indicates that a signal is being received from the sensor pad and the system is in good working order. If the sensor pad signal is broken or out of range, monitor alarms and indicates signal is lost.

Works with two components at one time

Use Quiet Wireless fall monitor with bed sensor pad; wheelchair sensor pad; pressure sensing floor mat; fall mats or motion sensor.
Monitor can work with two components at one time if desired.


  • QUIETER – Fully adjustable volume.
  • No cords between pads and monitors – reduce tripping hazards and eliminates broken or tangled pad cords.
  • Patented Pad Signal Lost notification – alerts caregiver if connection between sensor pad and monitor becomes disconnected.
  • Optional Setting: Caregiver with key can reset the monitor with Patented, Caregiver Key™ which Tamperproofs monitor.
  • No Unsafe Off switch: Caregiver can’t forget to to turn monitor back on
  • Auto-Reset when pressure is re-applied to pad.
  • Raised Visual Status light enabling caregiver to see alarm from a distance.
  • Battery operated (3-AA not included) or optional AC adapter (AC-05).
  • Low Battery notification.
  • Monitor Not in Use notification.
  • Nurse call capability – Plugs into existing nurse call system.
  • Multiple alarm tones.
  • Protective Boot.
  • Works with Wireless bed or chair sensor pads, Wireless floor mats, and Infrared Motion Sensor PIR-01.

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