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Product Description:

  • Gives You Peace of Mind: When you are at home, go out, or do not live with your loved ones, when your loved one needs help by pressing the wireless call button, the caregiver pager can alert you at home and your smartphone will receive an alert reminder, no matter where you are, you can reflect immediately and your loved ones can get timely help.


  • Easy To Use For The Elderly: The SOS Emergency Button Alarm is a good present for anyone who has an older parent, so they have a piece of mind knowing that when their parents are home alone they can still be safe, or easily notify you if they need help like if they fall or get hurt. It easily works off your smartphone, so in case of emergency it can sends help right away with a push of the call button with a finger


  • Multiple People Share: When you have sisters and brothers, you all want to be able to receive calls from your parents at the same time, you can set up the sharing feature of the tuya app so that when your parents press and hold the panic button, everyone you share with can receive an alert message so that you can take better care of your aging parents.

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