EA081-CB – OMG Wireless Hospital Code Blue Panic Button Alarm

EA081 - Wireless Disabled Toilet Panic Button Pull Cord Strings Alarm v3

EA081-CB Code blue Panic Alarm is use to indicates a medical emergency such as cardiac or respiratory arrest.

When a patient in the hospital is found to be not breathing, or when the heart stops beating, Code Blue is activated immediately. It is critical that resuscitation is initiated early as the patient’s chance of survival and disability-free recovery falls with every minute of delay. In order to ensure that patients receive rapid resuscitation within 5 minutes of activation, a well-coordinated and well-oiled resuscitation team response is key.

EA081-CMU – Code Blue Central Monitoring Unit


  • Shows 4 calls at the same time;
  • Shows the service types;
  • Can rolling 30 numbers;
  • Stand-by status: show both date & time;
  • Reminder: 7 string music or Chinese languages ;
  • Can input several call buttons in one calling number: if the call button is stored before, and it will be stored with another number, the call button will be stored in the latest number without repetition.
  • With “low voltage detection” function, when a button’s voltage is too low, the display will show “L”

EA081-PB – Code Blue Push Button

Technical specification
Working voltage: DC18V
Working current: 120mA
Work environment term: -10oC~60oC
Reminder: Ringing
Size of device: 87x87x17mm

EA081-DL – Door Code Blue Siren Lamp

  • It has 3 colors: red, yellow, green
  • Different color indicates different service area. One color can work with 30 transmitters in max. Totally, one light can work with 90 transmitters in max.
  • Different color has different sound reminding.
  • It has separate output power supply.
  • Dimension:104x86x38mm


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