Disabled Toilet Alarm Kits

Disabled Toilet Alarm

OMG-Solutions - Disabled Toilet Alarm KitThe Disabled Toilet Alarm Kits is easy to install and provides peace of mind wherever an indication of ‘assistance required’ is called for.
The unit benefits from a reassuring audible sound from within the reset unit which confirms that assistance is on the way and in addition to this the reset unit also has braille text.

Features and Benefits

  • Only three points to install on a standard system
  • This system can readily be linked to other systems
  • The Hark system is simple to expand as requirements increase
  • Multi-way remote indicator units are available
  • Supplied with twin pull cord rings
  • The unit is supplied with a disabled person sticker
  • The system assists in ensuring compliance with the DDA, BS8300 and other care standards
  • Finished in white to fit discreetly into any decor or environment

Set out below is a diagram showing the positioning of the unit within the disabled facilities

OMG-Solutions - Disabled Toilet Alarm Kit - diagram showing the positioning of the unit within the disabled facillities

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