BWA012 – 10 Ports Docking Station – Evidence Management System

10 Ports Docking Station 01

Hardware Specification

Appearance: The machine body adopts all-in-one sheet metal and black painting technology, with wall mounting bracket
Interface: 10pcs police body cameras can be uploaded at the same time, each interface with the upload connection indicator light, single output current 1.2A
Operation: The Evidence system has no storage, and the relative managing software is installed on a connected PC, powered by an adapter.
It is equipped with data cable connected with PC, software installation CD, installation needs registration, one CD software only one PC use.
Size: 400*300*100

Data collection

★ Device blind / ★ Data import
The law enforcement recorder can be used in a one-to-one or one-to-many relationship with the police officer, and can be used to bind or unbind the law
enforcement recorder to the user.
The bound device has a unique number that can be recognized and protected.
After the law enforcement recorder is connected to the data safety management workstation, the system will automatically import the data and empty the
recorder’s storage.
The imported data is automatically archived and assigned to the binding user name.
The status of each import compartment can be displayed on the display screen.
The data security management workstation automatically recognizes the location of the compartment, and the number position on the screen corresponds to the physical compartment, and the display information includes: law enforcement recorder equipment information, binding user name, import status, import progress, etc.

Breakpoint Continuously: Breakpoint continuation is supported, and the accidental disconnection of the law enforcement recorder during the import process does not affect the integrity and uniqueness of the imported data.

Data empty: After data collection, the video and audio data inside the law enforcement recorder will be automatically cleared.

Automatic storage naming: After the data collection is completed, it is automatically classified and stored according to the time and date, law enforcement instrument number and police

Auto-Charging: The law enforcement recorder is inserted into the station and charged automatically.

Calibration time automatically: Support the automatic calibration of the law enforcement recorder through the acquisition station, and synchronization with the time server.

★ Data Auto-import:

Automatic data collection, support to upload file index, original video file and compressed streaming file to the server through the network.
Support upload control strategy: including upload time and upload bandwidth control.

Working Position: Support the display to access the law enforcement recorder equipment number, user unit and current status, and inserted with the position number one to one correspondence, to prevent taking wrong.

★ Voice Broadcast: Can support voice broadcast start collection and complete collection.

★ Data deletion management: Allows the user to delete only a portion of the collected files in the recorder, making it convenient for the user to view the nearest video with the recorder, even
if the video has been collected.

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