BWC011 – OMG WIFI/GPS/4G Body Worn Camera (Hot Swap Battery)

Brief introduction

The body cameras are the portable devices that can record video and audio. The devices can also transmit live video and audio through 3G or 4G, do live tracking with GPS. The devices have a TFT monitor and buttons on it and user can operate the device easily. The body cameras are usually used by police man, security guard, and other law enforcement officers.

Main features

The device is in compact size and suitable for portable use of recording.
– User can get live video and audio through 3G, 4G or WiFi,
– User can get live tracking of the device through built-in GPS in the device. The GPS data will also be recorded into the record file with audio and video, so user can get the location information in the record file.
– Use lithium battery for power supply. Device can be recording continuously for 12 hours with 2 batteries.
– Built-in 32G storage space. (64G~128G optional storage space)
– Built-in 4 million pixel cameras, support recording at 1080P, 720P or D1 resolution, support taking picture with 40 million pixels, 32 million pixels and 2 million pixels.
– Support IR. Support recording at night.
– Record file name have information on date, time, record type, which make it easier for searching and document.
– User can explore, search and playback the files on the device.
– Support panic button. The panic button alarm can be sent to control center through 3G/4G.
– Record encryption makes the evidence more safe.
– Device can display device ID, user ID, date and time.
– Device can display information about battery usage, charging status, system time and memory space. Device has light indication for power on, recording video or audio. Green light indicates power on, red light indicates video recording, yellow light indicates audio recording.
– Device can report event alarm, including alarm for battery running low, insufficient memory space alarm etc.
– Device has log files. Device with log events that include power on/off, recording video, recording audio, taking pictures, GPS status fixed, 3G/4G connection, and WiFi connection.

WIFI,GPS,3G,4G Body Worn Camera - 2

WIFI,GPS,3G,4G Body Worn Camera - 3

WIFI,GPS,3G,4G Body Worn Camera - 4

WIFI,GPS,3G,4G Body Worn Camera - 5

WIFI,GPS,3G,4G Body Worn Camera - 6

WIFI,GPS,3G,4G Body Worn Camera - 7

WIFI,GPS,3G,4G Body Worn Camera - 8

WIFI,GPS,3G,4G Body Worn Camera - 9

WIFI,GPS,3G,4G Body Worn Camera - 10

WIFI,GPS,3G,4G Body Worn Camera - 11



  • OS: Linux 3.10.73
  • Booting time: < 8 s
  • Language: English


  • Video input: 1x digital Camera for 1080p/720p/360p recording,available for external camera
  • Video output: 2 inch LCD screen
  • Recording resolution: 1920×1080/1280×720/640×360
  • Frame rate: 30 fps@1080p
  • Record mode: Record audio and video at the same time
  • Compression: H.264 (High profile up to level 4.1)


  • Audio input: 1x MIC input, support intercom connection with USB
  • Compression: PMC
  • Audio record: Support audio recording

Video process

  • Live video resolution: 1920×1080/1280×720/640×360
  • Photograph: 1920×1080 ~ 8640×4752
  • Snap: Support snapping during recording (the photo resolution base in recording resolution)
  • Storage: Built in 32GB SD card (available for 32~128GB)

Light source

  • Flash light: To increase brightness when you are recording or taking a photo
  • Laser: Fix the view when you record
  • IR: Up to 10 Meters with Visible shape image at night

Two way radio

  • Talk back: Support two way radio between different devices(only for 4G/3G device)
  • Talk back in platform: Support two way radio between device and platform(only for 4G/3G device)


  • Lens’s angle: >125°


  • Alarm input: Support alarm input and the alarm can be show in platform


  • USB: 1x USB, for charging, communication with PC, upgrade OS, connect external camera etc


  • Protocol: TCP/IP
  • 3G/4G: Optional, built in 3G/4G module (LTE FDD/LTE TDD/WCDMA/TD-SCDMA/GSM/CDMA EVDO/CDMA 1x. Note: this could be different with different module.)
  • WiFi: Optional, support WIFI connection and AP


  • GPS: Optional module for BDS/GPS/GLONASS, to record location and speed


  • OSD: Display and record time, license ID, officer ID, location, speed
  • Overwrite: Support
  • Play back: Support play back, file listed by time and alarm
  • Play speed: Support from 1/128 to 128
  • Pre-recording/post-recording: Maximum 20 s pre-recording and post-recording
  • Dewarp: Support dewarp to make the picture more accurate and realistic
  • Safe mode: Need password to enter setting or playback in safe mode
  • Record encryption: Support Record encryption, encrypted video can be played in special player
  • Log: Record power on/off, setting change, start record, alarm etc


  • hplayer: Player software, play multiple cameras together, can also play the encrypted file
  • CMSV6: Used for 4G/3G model only, support live view/live tracking/historical track


  • Firmware maintain: Firmware can be upgrade though USB

Working condition

  • Temperature: -40–60℃
  • Humidity: 40%~80%


  • Time: synchronize with GPS, internet, PC
  • Dual bit stream: Two different bit stream for recording and live streaming via 4G/3G
  • Default: Can set to default setting
  • Indicator: Power, Record, Snap, Audio record
  • Battery capacity: 1 pcs Replaceable battery, 2600mAh each, keep NON-4G device running for about 8h, keep 4G device running for about 4.6h.
  • Charging time: about 4h.
  • Backup battery: 60mA (Optional, keep device running during switch battery or battery run out.)
  • Waterproof: IP68
  • Size: 88.3*59.8*34.4mm
  • Weight: About 165g


BWC011 Body Worn Camera Video Footage

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